Monday, 26 September 2011

A trip to University, a pair of Magpies and Room Number 111

The Big Day of our year came.  Time for my son to travel to University, spread his wings and learn to fly solo.  This was it. 

Charlie, his Dad and I managed to get to Uni.  No hiccups, find the place, park, drop Charlie and his stuff off and get home again without a cross word, no drama and it all went well.

Sitting in the back of the car, focusing on being pleasant and making the day go as smoothly as possible, I took some time to notice the coincidences and synchronicity that appeared on our journey. 

So much organising went into this little journey, it is a miracle that we managed to get into the car, all in one piece, on time.  The three loads of washing that appeared the day before, the four pairs of jeans that needed sewing, not to mention the ironing. The e-tickets that needed printing, from Nans, because she is the only person who has ink available, a cycle ride away, literally, the last job that gets done before leaving for University.

A debate between Charlie and his Dad about a Sat Nav or a Google Maps.  Rick wanted the Sat Nav, Charlie wanted to follow the Map.  The Map won, but the Sat Nav was referred to on occasion, just to check.   A little power struggle in the car, or was that my imagination?  I didn't imagine the Radio D.J. talking about Fruit Pastilles, just as we overtook a lorry advertising Fruit Pastilles.  A coincidence.  Lovely.  Perfect timing. I was certain we were in the right place at the right time. 

A few cars on the motorway, filled with Students and their parents, packing them off to a new life. One guy waved and we waved and smiled back.   A stop off at a service station for a quick refresher and we bumped into the friend from Charlie's school, also going to Southampton.  We all sat and ate our food, enjoying a little chat about the new journey ahead and some reminiscing about the Food Tech. disasters that Charlie's friend brought home. 

Another reminder that we were in the right place at the right time.    I spotted a pair of Magpies.  Lovely. Joy.  There will be plenty of Joy and happiness over the next three years, yes, we are on the right path.  Songs on the radio bring upliftment into the car, a little side step to find an air pressure guage that works (one of the back tyres is looking decidedly sorry for itself).  A traffic jam free journey, more or less, brought us into Southampton in time to find the road easily, without fuss, a parking space at the Uni, and a queue to collect a key.

I stray off to use the toilet and when I come back to the queue, Charlie is happily chatting with another student, someone else that he knows from his School who has made it to Southampton!  My presence is no longer needed.  We have made it.

Armed with his newly issued key, my son leads us to his new life.  A little block.  Block H. Like Prisoner Cell Block H.  Room Number 111.  I smile to myself and am perfectly satisfied that he will be fine in this new room.

I love the synchronicity of significant numbers and Number 111, for me, represents the New Beginnings that come from venturing away from home.  Number 1 is the number that is always chosen by my son, in any situation.  'give me a number' Charlie, I say, he always says '1'. Give me a real number, I say, he says '1' again. No matter how many times I ask him for a number, he will always say '1'. Not to mention that Aries always love to be first at everything.  It suits him, the Room Number.  

The journey home brought songs on the radio to pay attention to, 'you know you will miss me, you changed the way you kissed me' many lyrics that I sat and enjoyed during the journey.

The New Beginnings, we are off!  A little text from my son, his flatmate is alright and he was already organising a night out with the other people in his block.  Good times ahead.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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