Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chance meetings with people I know

I love the coincidence of bumping into people.  There is so much more going on when a person pops up unexpectedly than just the fact that you are in the same place at the same time.

It is not just the fact that I live in a town of 160,000 people that make coincidental meetings feel special, a small town in the grand scheme of things, but more than enough people to be able to remain anonymous and never see anyone, yet still,  my path manages to cross with people that I know.

It always amazes me when I bump into people out of the blue.  This week, out and about with my teenager as we fought and bickered over the shopping for University, tasks to be done, optician visits, dentist, doctor, haircut the list goes on.  Tempers fray, both of us are ready for University!

On our travels, the day we headed over to Rochford to find an iron and some trainers, we had to walk the way that my son wanted to go, I had got to the point where I couldn't be bothered to argue.  I wanted to walk through the Hospital and pretend to be a visitor, so we could take a short cut. My son didn't want to, it isn't right. Okay then. We will walk round the edge.  Further than we need to.  Walking round the outside of the hospital we chance upon an old friend standing outside the Hospital.  Smoking a fag.  A young woman, married to an old friend of Charlie's Dad.  She had just had her sixth baby boy!  Six!  They remember Charlie from when he was a tiny tot, she is having a break from her new born, literally born the night before, and entertaining her 20 month old twins.  An opportunity to congratulate them on their new addition and a chance for them to say good luck to my son!  What a lovely coincidence.

The experience of bumping into them lightened our day, gave us less to bicker about and reminded me that Charlie was once a little angel just like the blonde haired beauties we were treated to meeting in their buggy.

And so the week wore on, the day we were buying a tin opener and toothpaste, another Angel in Disguise appeared in the form of Charlie's Nan's cleaner.  Interrupting our bickering and a few words of encouragement for Charlie.   Some people in the High Street, a fellow student, someone Charlie was practically brought up with, a chance to say goodbye and wish Charlie good luck at Uni.   

The week continued, I bumped into more people this week as we were on our travels than I have bumped into for the whole of the last six months.

I am pretty certain that spirit has engineered these coincidental meetings and I am grateful for the experience.

Lots of love and kindness to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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