Friday, 23 September 2011

The Medium, the Penpal and the unsolicited spirit message

While I am waiting for my teenager to get ready to go out shopping for University supplies, I will share the story from Sue Tatnall.  The spiritualist service starts with prayers, hymns, the Lords Prayer and then the Medium usually stands up and gives an inspired talk.  Inspired by their 'inspirers' or guides.  This week Sue shared this story:

Sue was reading through Yours Magazine.  Yes, she is over 40. Reading the adverts at the back, the Personals Section, she spotted a request for a penpal.  A lady had posted an advert explaining that she is not looking for love, romance or a new husband, but she is suffering from ill health and housebound and she just wanted someone interesting to write to.  Sue thought 'I'm interesting'. 

The audience had a little chuckle at this.  No reason to laugh, it was the way she said it, that is the gift of inspired talking, it has the benefit of lifting the spirits of the audience.  The whole thing is like a performance, a form of entertainment that involves a bit of audience participation.  Stand-up.  Most of the mediums I have seen have an element of humour about their delivery, in another life, they could well have been created for Stand up comedy.  The ability to sense their audience, work with the crowd, know when to fold 'em. 

I digress,  Sue wrote a letter to the lady, with a little information about who she is and what she does.  Although her husband would rather she lie about her Medium work, Sue is not ashamed of working for spirit, as she says, if you work for spirit then you have to be open about it.  Unabashed I would call it.  As she is speaking, I know what is coming next.  There is about to be a story involving a shocked recipient of some spirit information that the person doesn't believe in. 

Am I right? yes, that is exactly what happened.  A letter to the pen pal, explaining from Sue that she is a Medium.  A reply saying that she doesn't know anything about mediumship and a little chat about her love of dogs and the things she enjoys.  So as Sue sits to write a second letter, encouraged by the friendly tone, a man appears in spirit to Sue, who she thinks is the Dad of her new penpal.  Sue has a dilemma, the man in spirit has given her a message for her newfound friend, who has no knowledge or belief in communicating with the dearly departed.

So, Sue being Sue, she takes the bull by the horns and writes a letter with the description of the man, and the names Stan and Bert.  A reply came back through the post from a DISGUSTED penfriend saying that she has no idea what Sue is talking about ...rant, rant... what you would expect, really, from someone who has been given an unsolicited spirit message. At the end of the letter the penpal did say that her Dad was called Stanley and her grandfather was called Herbert.

So, for Sue, all that matters is she has passed the message on, she is working for Stan and Bert, not the penpal!  I guess one day the lady who advertised in Yours will get over it.

Lots of love and light

Tamasin x

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