Thursday, 1 September 2011

A trip to spiritualist church and an indirect message.

A trip to the Westcliff Spiritualist Church the day before my birthday.  Intentionally, you understand, because whenever there are birthdays, there are messages, right?  wrong. Not this time.

I headed up the road with one of my neighbours who called round with a birthday card and some extremely chocolatey chocolate which lasted all of five minutes.  The medium gave messages in varying degrees of relevance.

'this is Mum on your Mum's side?'

'no, I was thinking of my Dad's side'

the medium was very confident and explained that this is an easy mistake to make. 

'so, I have lots of dogs with you in spirit'
'no, I have a cat'

and so it went,no,no...

It was so wrong it was amusing, although there was a lot of misunderstanding and confusion, the medium carried on regardless.  I admire her fortitude. 

My neighbour went off after the meeting, probably thinking 'bloody hell, what a load of pants' but I stayed for healing.  I like to have a bit of healing after the meeting, the healers are very peaceful and calm.  Sitting on the chairs at the front, waiting my turn, I have a little chat with whoever sits next to me.  One of the healers comes out, he reads the list of people waiting for healing, he looks at me and the woman sitting next to me

'Robert?'  he asks, as a little joke, obviously, neither of us are Robert.

The woman sitting next to me says she had a brother called Robert.  I tell her that I did too.  We both wonder at the coincidence.

For me there is no coincidence and the healer having a little joke was actually guided to use the name Robert.  Confirmation for both of us that spirit are aware of our little worlds.

I mentally thanked my spirit guides for bringing me this little interaction.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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