Friday, 12 August 2011

Is this the right way for the Hospital?... being asked for Directions

The final week waiting for exam results for my son.  Time has slowed to a standstill.  Hours in any given day stretch endlessly, I have never known such a sloooooowww week.  Walking into town, armed with an umbrella, because, despite the date on the calendar, there are clouds looming overhead, a little trip to the shops.

It is 'post-riot' week. You know, the streets of London have come under attack and the Police have responded.  The views on telly are mainly of things burning and people being frightened or arrested.  Drama.  This is what is ensuing this week, as the Summer Full Moon looms.  I go about my business. It is a Thursday, I find a card for my son 'Congratulations on passing your exams' . A picture of a crazy horse and then some sort of 'hay' pun inside.  Edging closer to the till, the merchandise appears,  I pick up a 'Uni Loony' mug and a door hanger with little student jokes on it.  I am buying this stuff in the hope that Charlie will get to the University of his choice. I am in no doubt that he will 'pass' his exams, what matters for Charlie is getting some A stars and A grades, so I think I can safely say he will be at least reaching the pass levels.  A woman from Starbucks offered me a taster of a free vanilla milkshake.  It was tiny and yummy in the same breath.  I tried it, I gave thanks but I am unlikely ever to be parting with £3.20 for a vanilla milkshake in Starbucks.  

Armed with my purchases, after a trip to the bank to cancel some unnecessary direct debits, like the insurance on the fridge that irks me everytime I see 1.50 leave my bank account.  Belt tightening is the order of the day, knowledge that September is going to bring even less money to live on, the budget starts here.  So, walking home listening to my ipod through one earphone (only one side works) I am nearly home, walking along Westborough.  A young black guy walks towards me and as I cross a road, he also crosses the road.  In the middle of the road, with traffic flying past, he says to me 'is this the right way for the Hospital?' pointing in the direction for the Hospital.
I gesture with my umbrella and tell him to look for the tall chimney, he can't miss it.
He gives me a big smile and says thanks.
I smile and carry on home.  My heart and spirit lifted a little, being asked for directions is something that happens to me when I need reminding that we are on the planet for a reason and I am the person who knows the Way.

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