Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fly away crow. Return of the Crow.

Five crows all lined up on the field in Chalkwell Park.  I rummaged for my mobile phone, by the time I had slid it open, changed to 'camera' option, one crow had flown away.  And then there were four. 

I always think a crow is a messenger from spirit, a notice of something.  An event is due.  Good or bad. Someone is leaving, or there is one less thing to worry about. Either way, 'change is a coming'.  Thank God for that.  I think. Depending on what the change is.

Strolling up the road the next day, listening to an old friend having a rant about her teenage son who has left home and is currently staying with his Dad.  I don't think the crow is him, he has gone round his Dads before, it is always temporary, she will calm down, the son will return.   As she is talking and I do not have enough sugar for two giant spoonfuls in each cup and we have had four cups, we head off to the shop to restock the sugar, I notice a ginger cat having a fight with a black cat, they are having a face off.  Why? why are they fighting, two perfectly sane, rational cats with homes of their owns are fighting over the pavement inbetween their houses.  I am reminded that when we don't appreciate what we do have, when we have enough, enough is never enough.  There will always be more that we can have.  The art of contentment is to be happy with what you have got, strangely the reverse then becomes true and you want or need less and less, until you can still be happy with whatever you have got. 

Fly away crow.  You will be back.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s.  The next day I had a little stroll into town on a beautiful sunny day, I hung the washing out, I needed to buy a birthday card.  The card purchased, safely tucked into my shopping bag, the clouds blew over, the rains came down.  I was drenched, my jeans stuck to me, my waterproof jacket turned out to be not so waterproof and as I had my hood up against the cool wind I noticed four crows on a table in a school playground, Milton Hall School. As I rummaged for my phone in the rain, one flew away. And then there were three. 

Fly away crow.  You will be back.  I hope.

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