Thursday, 26 May 2011

The strimmer, a plank and a crow. Crowing about a plank.

Void of the Moon today.  This is a day when NOTHING happens.  So, on the grounds that nothing was going to happen, and knowing this, in advance, I stepped out for a brisk walk along the seafront. 

My son went in to school/sixth form college for his v.v.important exam.  The one that REALLY matters.  The S2 (whatever that is) it looks like maths but involves more symbols than astrology and japanese put together.  My son knows his stuff.  He does.  He is the one who the others ask if they have got the answers right.

So, having done my bit to stay calm in spite of him refusing to get out of bed until the last possible minute..on the DAY OF AN EXAM!!!!! aaarrrrrgggghh.  I stayed calm.  This is no mean feat let me tell you.  I am in some doubt about the effects of the void of the moon on my son and indeed all the exam takers.  When the Moon is inbetween signs it can make a person feel disconnected, light-headed, spacey, lost.  Lost in Space.  Oh.My.God.  My son heads off, having checked and re-checked his black pens, see-through pencil case, calculator, food money etc etc

I breathe a sigh of relief as he finally heads off with five minutes to spare. Five minutes!  as if it is a normal school day, you know, and any sort of drama can happen on the way, holding him up for five, seeing penguins crossing the road; or having to wait for a passing elephant to be re-herded by an errant keeper.  or something.     I need to get out of this place, feeling stir-crazy and at the same time, slightly disconnected.  It is not a good combination.  I know what will remove this feeling, a breath of fresh air. 

A trek along the seafront, the fresh air got fresher, a light breeze when I left home turned into wind strong enough for windsurfing.  As I walked along the seafront admiring the speedy windsurfer who kept falling off and getting back on again, mentally racing him on the pavement (and I won) I noticed a plank.  A wooden plank, just lying on the beach.  So I took a pic (see left) because this keeps me happy.  Taking pictures and writing about my life experiences, keeps me sane.  As I wonder about the significance of this plank, I look again.  There is a crow, I swear the crow was not there when I took the picture of the plank. A crow, came out of nowhere, on the beach.  Forgive me, if the beach is the usual habitat for crows, but personally, 30 years in this town and either I have not been paying attention, or this is just the first time I have ever been down the beach when a crow flies in.

Because of the crow I change direction.  Yes, I blame the crow, the grey skies and the threatening rain, I shorten my journey to take a shortcut up a hill and into town.  The weather is looking bleak, my lungs have had their fill of fresh air so I head to Homebase. I need a strimmer.  A garden strimmer.  The back garden is bleached from the recent heat and a distinct lack of watering but strangely, the grass around the edges grows really well under the shade of the fence.  I need a strimmer.  

Having browsed the selection available and actually measuring out on the floor, first with big steps, and then using the height of the box, which I estimate to be around 1M;  the difference between a 6metre cord and a 10metre.  Yes, I will need the 10metre.  So I carry the strimmer of choice to the till.  No, till not working and there is an old boy on the counter who is usually a misog.  He still hasn't forgiven me for sticking my finger in his venus fly trap last year, and he is busy serving.  I spot a young lady on the customer service till and this strimmer is getting heavier by the minute. 

Landing the heavy-ish and bulky box on her counter she explains the tills aren't working.  Okay then.  I can wait.  Then I have a thought, hold on, in this weather, wind brewing a gale, do I really need to be doing this today.  The girl leans over the counter "between you and I, we have a 15% off sale tomorrow". 

I thank her for her help and drag the box back along the shop floor to the shelf from whence it came.

As I head home there is a text from my son.  It just says "rubbish".  Oh dear.  The exam.  Plank.  Crowing about a plank.  I really hope I am not going to be crowing about my son being a plank.  I refuse to interpret this vision on the beach to mean my son has failed his exam. 

I refuse to crow about anything detrimental, so I will be the plank.  I will take the plank status away from my son and place it firmly at my feet that I thought I was going to get a strimmer on a day when NOTHING happens.

Enjoy the void of the Moon, in my experience as soon as we are into the active sign of Aries, everything speeds up again.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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