Friday, 27 May 2011

The Final Day of Sixth Form

Here it is.  The day has arrived.  The Final day of Sixth Form College.  I was due a lie-in.  My son didn't have to get to school until 10.30am. He had his day mapped out, school by 10.30, bbq on the field, no lessons, up the pub with teachers later, after collecting his Year Book, out for hours with his friends followed by a Disco.

This is the plan.  They have also agreed to wearing shorts.  Last of day of school, no school uniform, denim cut downs will be the order of the day.

The weather is overcast, windy and threatening to rain.  Does it change anything?  No.  My son has headed off to school with his goose-pimply legs half-covered in denim shorts. 

I say nothing.  Is there any point?  They have decided to wear shorts.  Apparently, these teenage-made decisions are not weather dependant and although words like 'catch your death' and 'do you know how cold it is out there'  will fall on deaf ears, I struggle not to say them.  So I have learnt something in 18 years of child rearing.  I have learnt that my son responds better to the experience and seeing proof before his eyes, than relying on anything he hears.  So I lead him to the front door (whilst he is dressed in his over the knee shorts) and I lead him to the step outside the door.  I can see him shivering.  He shrugs "it's not that bad".  I point to the sky.  It is almost black.  "oh well"  he says.  I give up.

I shall let him get on with it, having woken up at 6am as if it is a normal day I am irritated that I didn't manage to sleep for a little longer than usual.  Never mind.  My son had a disastrous exam yesterday, one which he needs to get an A star , he thinks he will be lucky if he scrapes a B.  The other students found it straightforward and easy.  This means that the next exams my son will have to get over 90% to bring his average grades up.  Under pressure.   We did both have a little giggle though when the Deputy Headmaster asked Charlie why he wasn't in his lesson yesterday?  In a demanding tone, to suggest that Charlie has been doing something he shouldn't.  "I was in an exam Sir".  take that. 

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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