Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Signs and symbolism from nature. Playing the Game.

I go about my daily business on the Dark of the Moon with an awareness that by focusing on nature's messengers (in my case these range from anything furry with four legs to petals forming shapes on my path) I will be drawing my attention to things that are already there.

This is not the game.  The game is to communicate with the universe by just being aware of what is going on around you on a daily basis and to try and identify the hidden meaning or warning of some event whether joyful or sad or exciting or unexpected by reading the symbolism of your life.

You know the game, you do it every day.  The car starts first time, yay!  how wonderful, you head off on your journey without giving it a second thought.  A day comes when the car doesn't start, and you have a flat battery.  Time to re-charge your own batteries?    This is the game.  Interpreting life events as a reflection of what is going on for you personally, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Generally I think that electrical dysfunctions are usually problems that our minds are working on, usually needlessly, but all mind-related.  Unless it is the washing machine and there is water involved and then I take it as an emotional issue that needs looking at. 

Everytime a lightbulb pops I cannot help but just think there is a little light gone out in someone's world, somewhere.  Usually it is someone I know and I do get to hear about it.

My journey today brought me a little trip to the Civic Centre to buy some garden waste bags.  As I walked up to the Civic, two crows landed in my path.  As I was taking their picture a young couple happened to walk up behind me pushing a buggy. I had a little chat with them, explaining it is really hard to get close to crows because they always fly away. Click. picture capture. fly away crows.  The young couple actually didn't look at me as if I am crazy, taking random pictures of wildlife on a busy main road. I explained that seeing crows is news that I will have something to crow about. Something to crow about.  They both laugh and the young lady explains that she has crows in her back garden all the time. I say they must be very fortunate!  They both laugh, no, this is not the case.  Okay then. I suggest it could be time for them to do the lotto.  Then I have an inkling that this is not for them and I am seeing the image of a horse.  'Or time to bet on the horses?'  they exchanged a look as if I must have been ear-wigging.  The young man explained they had literally just been having the conversation about how the thought had crossed his mind to go into a betting shop and put some money on a horse, and he hasn't done that for months.  We all laugh and I carry on my journey.  My journey takes me to the Civic.  No, no garden bags for £3.00. Not anymore.  Go to the library.

Of course, the Library.  Why didn't I think of that? the obvious place to purchase garden waste bags.  After the queue at the civic I go to the library and start queuing again. Who is in front of me? yes, the young couple.  Fortunately, we all have a little chuckle because our paths have crossed again, although I am starting to feel like a stalker.  £5.50 for garden bags from the library.  The grass had better slow down.

A trip to the shops, all the little things I need to make my life work, toothpaste, loo-roll, tin-foil. An item I couldn't find, a curtain pole which won't be in until after Saturday. Okay then, I guess the timing of that little journey will lead me to bumping into someone else to share some information.

On the way home I take a diversion, I decide that I haven't played the Universe game today and I will take a walk through the park to help the spirit game along, by visiting a place where there are birds, squirrels, dogs,robins,butterflies and all the things that I like to see. 

Things that I expect to see in the park.  I expect to see at least one magpie, probably a crow, a squirrel, hopefully a robin and anything else nature intends for me to appreciate.  I walk through the park. Nothing. Not one little iota, apart from a pigeon.  So, I have a little mug of tea in the cafe and do some people watching.  Maybe the universe wants me to notice something different.  I am torn between paying attention and focusing on things I do want to see, and being open to experiencing new things.  So, after my tea and yes I admit it, a plate of chips (thinly disguised  with a tomato and some watercress, clearly to give the appearance of healthy eating), I decide to take a little stroll past the old monastery.

I sit at my favourite bench by a little circular pond and I decide that I will sit for 5 minutes.  I have given up waiting to see any of my usual messengers from nature and then I see movement in the pond.  There is a brown duck.  One singular duck.  I have never seen a duck in this circular pond before. It is news to me that the water is clean enough for a duck. The water and brown stuff floating on the top is a very similar colour to the brown duck.  I take some pictures and wonder at this new sight. Another thing I do is to use animals that I see to represent people who I know in real life.  So if I see a squirrel, I think of my son, if I see a tabby cat I think of me and everyone I know has an animal attributed to them.  So I wonder who this duck is.  The duck cleans itself and shows off some purple and green feathers, in fact it virtually bends over backwards to clean under some hard to get places.  Hm. Do I know someone who has to bend over backwards to get my attention?  Don't know.  This could be symbolic of a new person. 

So, I leave the duck to enjoy the sunshine and I vaguely notice the pair of butterflies, a symbol of spiritual growth and happiness.  I step out from this chamber of flowers and peace into a wide open green expanse of grass. Where there is a crow sitting in the middle of the green.  I take a pic. Five seagulls are watching from the safety of the monastery roof. This is a regular spot for them, even though they are nowhere near the sea.  I take another pic.  I walk down some steps and a small  bird flies right across my eye line and perches on a branch, on my path. It is a robin. I literally have to take a step back away from it to take a pic. Now it seems, everywhere I step there is a creature from nature rushing out to greet me.  Another corner, another bird literally on my path. First a blackbird, then a magpie and then a man with his two dogs disturbs the magpie and so I head off in a direction away from the dog, in time to see a squirrel run out, spot me, and run up a tree. 

I have a little laugh to myself.  I have walked through that park, looking for these things. They weren't there. They did not show themselves to me. Not until it was time for me to go. At the last possible minute, I see one thing after another. Perfect.

I walk home feeling lighter, in spite of the chips. 

Just playing the game.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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