Friday, 6 May 2011

Magpies, crows, two dogs and a squirrel. Not to mention a Rat.

To follow this little blog you will need to read yesterday's blog about the signs and symbols I saw in the park:

What actually happened (ie how it translated back in to my everyday life).

Back in the real world. You know, the one with an overflowing washing basket and a teenager who needs feeding at regular intervals.  My son has taken the responsibility of his Dad's dogs.  One giant dalmation and one smaller Staff, called Nugget. This is a semi-rescue dog, from his Dad's step-daughter who landed him with it after he became too much. 

Anyway, my son agreed to stay at his Dads.  From Tuesday until Saturday.  His dad is cycling to France on a charity cycle ride to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Worthy cause, admirable behaviour. If only he was as good a Dad as he is a charity fundraiser, my son would be better off.  I digress.  Despite all of his faults, of which I can find many, Charlies' Dad somehow is the person who has been chosen by the charity to do the cycling.  So, my son, being the type of person he is, ie helpful, responsible, willing to do his bit is looking after the dogs.  The two dogs.  On his own. At the age of 18. 

I know he is capable and it will do him good to have a real feel for living away from home for nearly a week, being the person responsible for putting the rubbish out, feeding himself and the dogs and walking them and having the t.v. remote control at his disposal.  Cool.  Off he went, first of all packed up with school uniform and books, happy as larry, looking forward to getting his friend Ashley round to keep him company and do what teenagers do when left to their own devices.

30 minutes later I get a phone call from Charlie. The Dalmatian didn't like Ashley and wouldn't let him in.  Ashley is scared of Deefer.  Okay then.  So they had to give up and Ashley had to go home.  Oh well. 
The next day I get another phone call.  The fridge has defrosted.  Oh. dear.  Water everywhere.  My son has no explanation as to how this has happened and can I go round and have a look. Of course I can.  Off I trot, a thirty minute walk, a little investigation reveals the fridge has been turned off at the plug. 

We are both at a loss to understand why we are standing in front of a fridge now full of partially defrosted food and a two litre container of sour milk.  We have no answer. Personally, I suspect a person who is in Charlie's Dads' world. It is exactly the sort of thing she would do, over the years there have been many evil, spiteful acts against  my son, and other people, this would just be another to add to a long list.   'Who would do that?' my son wonders.  I know who would do that.  He is 18 now, old enough to deal with the truth right?  So, I tell him who I think would do that.  'but why?'. I explain that Charlie is seen as a threat to his Dad's attention.  Why is Charlie looking after the dogs?  why has Charlie been the Chosen One?  Jealousy and envy are dangerous emotions and I can understand completely how eaten up with both this particular evil carcuss is over my son.  I have no proof though.  None.  I just have a gut feeling this is what has occurred.

So, to put this little saga on to the symbols I saw during the day that this event happened.  I saw a magpie. A few times.  A few warnings of some sorrow.  I saw a crow. A messenger. Well, I take that as the phone call from my son about his friend Ashley. Sorrow for Charlie.  Ashley not keeping him company.  Later that night Charlie text me to let me know that his friend from work, Jack had gone round to spend some time there and another friend James had also turned up to visit him.  The two blackbirds I saw, who landed by the pond.  James and Jack. 

The man with the two dogs.  Charlie's Dad and his two dogs.  The magpie who hopped across my path. The fridge defrosting. Sorrow for Charlie.  The Squirrel who stood and looked at me.  My son, who still needed just a little help from his mum.

I wonder if I am the duck I saw yesterday.  Standing my ground and just being there for my son.  A little island all to myself where he knows how to find me if he needs me.  I didn't mention it on yesterday's blog because I really don't like to mention rats, not a good sign to see a rat scurrying back down the river bank.  I saw a rat.  I know there is a rat in this scenario. Someone switched the plug off the fridge freezer in order to sabotage my teenager in his attempts at independence.

Way ahead of you, ratfink. 

Oh yes, then the 'S' on the way home and another crow, I heard from an old friend, whose name begins with S. 

There is not a lot I can do to protect my son from the evil that his Dad insists on surrounding himself with, but I can make him aware that there are people on the planet, in his little world, who not only don't have his best interests at heart, but who positively would love to see him fail.

Fighting against the unseen.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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