Monday, 9 May 2011

A funeral car and a neighbour disproving the Doctors.

Strolling to town today to sort out paperwork, get a signature and return a pair of shoes that ARE a size 9, but too small. My son cannot be a size 10 yet, just the design of the shoes, they come up small.

A funeral car with a coffin pulled in front of me.  Oh no.  I have learnt over the years that this is not something that can be ignored.  I am, undoubtedly, going to hear news of a funeral.  Let us hope it is just that, it will be the funeral of somebody who just knows somebody I know. An acquaintance perhaps, no-one close to me. 

Having a little trek to the Cafes along the seafront and a cup of tea, meeting up with an old friend and a general chomp over all the things we do have to complain about, I get home just in time to bump into my next door neighbour.

A lady of 47 who had cancer a couple of years ago, and who fought it off, she has fought a sturdy fight, she looks great, healthy, fit, blonde, well kept and unless she mentioned it, you wouldn't know that the Doctors didn't think she would see February.  We are now in May and she has cancer in her lung, liver, spine and bones.  How is she still smiling?  The lady has booked a trip to Lourdes, for the healing waters in France in April next year. How's that for confidence?  Good luck to her on her journey and fight against Cancer.   I hope the funeral car was just symbolic of news about bad health. 

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin M x

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