Sunday, 15 May 2011

If the Law of Attraction were true...

More activity and events that may or may not be good.  You know, the idea that when an 'event' happens and everyone jumps up and down and says 'yay' that is a good thing.  That very same thing turns out to be the pivotal point at when everything else then fell apart from.  Like a teenager learning to drive and everyone pats them on the back, only for them to go out and have an accident, not necessarily injuring themselves, but harming other people.  You get the picture.

I have an idea that as we are experiencing our lives we are learning and growing towards the next sign of the zodiac.   My analytical, Virgo mind used to take all events at face value, in the short-term and now I have learnt, or developed, to realise there is no end to the outcome.  The outcome of all situations is eternal. 

Because this is such a massive idea, that all of our actions have repercussions that resonate not just today, or tomorrow, next week, next year, but also in our next life and the story we leave behind for our children, their children.  To consider such implications can render us inactive and passive in our approach to our behaviour.  In order to cope with our life experience, it is easier just to look at what is going on right here right now.  A wise person though does not take any event for granted or adds any emotion or reaction.  This, I guess is what sages call Attachment.  Being attached to the outcome of any life situation is almost guaranteed to bring either heartache and disappointment or the outcome will not be to our liking. 

Another one of life's lessons I do believe is pretty much the opposite of the Law of Attraction.  By wanting and hoping for positive improvement, actually has the opposite effect.  The trick is to remain detached, to not be bothered about the outcome and to just take whatever comes your way philosophically.  

If a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking, like the Law of Attraction, as appealing as the theory is, this does not make the belief true.  Is it true that if I believe that I am rich, I am rich, I am rich...often enough, I will become rich? No, thinking it and feeling it does not make it so. What it does do is put a person in a state of delusion and unreality.  This is not to say that in order to deal with reality, the best thing to do is get your wellies on and wade through the less than savoury mire created in this material world. No, the best thing you can do is enjoy as much of it as possible, live life with a light-heart, know that you asked for this experience before you came here and when apparently good things come to you, also know that you didn't just conjure them up, you didn't do something good to deserve them, they are just part of your life experience that you asked for before you came here. 

Loving the mystery of life.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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