Saturday, 16 April 2011

To Complain or Not to Complain that is the Libra Full Moon Question

I am feeling the Full Moon in Libra. 

Weighing and pondering a question.  Not knowing the answer.  Perhaps this is how it feels to be a Libra.  Personally, as a logical minded, clear-thinking Virgo I am happy to make decisions. Choice is Power.  Oh! the luxury of decision making.  If I could get paid to make decisions I would be in heaven.  This is how much I love making choices, knowing that choice brings change, which brings New, Novel,Interesting.  Not change for changes sake you understand, you know, like painting the hallway pink to relieve the beige. No, choices that will bring improvement.  Changes that will bring personal growth, spiritual understanding, steps in the right direction.

I find it easy to make Big Decisions.  I follow my own inner moral compass.  My inner compass is not aligned with material success. My decision making process is aligned with spiritual wealth, doing the 'right' thing spiritually and being the best human being that I know how to be. 

It can be difficult to make choices that appear to be at the expense of material wealth when other people cannot see the spiritual wealth or long term benefit.  Many people come to that cross-roads in life, where they have to make a choice.  It is a difficult decision to choose to commit your own life path for the benefit of other people, regardless of where it takes you personally.  Once you have made that decision it is virtually impossible to undo it.  There is no going back.  Once you are aware of how much more there is in life than bricks, mortar, cash in the bank, the knowledge cannot be taken away.  Knowing  there is a greater person on the other side, who is you, helping you to grow and develop in small ways every day. 

Learning to ignore the small annoyances and grievances, there are more important things in life to spend energy on than material concerns. 

Developing patience, providing peace, love and understanding.   Qualities that cannot be bought.

Lots of love to everyone,  even the complaining variety xx

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