Sunday, 17 April 2011

Leaving footprints with every step you take

Spirit communicates every day with us, sometimes we notice, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we respond to the communication and sometimes we ignore it.  Depending on what the message is. 

A little spiritual nudge I have had in my world that I, personally, take as a reminder from spirit that there is a deeper meaning to life and there is more to this world than the eye can see.

Someone asks me the Way.  I am literally asked for directions.  In the strangest, most unexpected of places. 

This for me, acts as a reminder, usually out of the blue and makes me laugh now because it happens so often I know that my spirit guides are having a little joke with me.  Not at me, or at my expense, but with me.  It is a shared joke that I enjoy. 

I just felt like sharing something today, and this is what I choose to share.  When you are walking on your path and taking steps that you are unsure of, if you need guidance and advice, there will always be someone ahead of you who has walked the path you are on.  Each step you take leaves a footprint, for someone else to follow. 

Make every step count, for you never know who could be following in your footsteps.

Love and light

Tamasin x

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