Monday, 18 April 2011

Writing for Pleasure - An Angel Card Reading for anyone who needs it xx

Writing for pleasure.  Writing, just for the sake of it.  This is what blogging is.  I love to write.  Do I have a responsibility to write words that other people will gain something from reading?  Wasting other peoples lives writing about the trivia in my life?  Is that fair?  No, of course it isn't.  So, as I sit down to write I know that I need to bring something in to this little blog that will benefit someone.  Even if it is just one reader who needs the information.  So, because of that I will open the Angel Cards and see what comes up.  This card will be for someone who is looking for a transformation.  There is someone reading my blog who needs a transformation. 

I have no idea who it is, but if you can take something from this, feel free:

Okay, I have opened the Angel Cards, the three cards that have come up are Forgiveness, Power and Balance.

Forgiveness, the card that comes up for people when they are carrying hurt and pain from something that has happened in the past.  Sometimes they may not be aware of the fact that this emotional baggage is still hurting them and by forgiving the person who has caused the pain, will allow a sense of freedom, lightness and health as the wasted energy is released.  Not to say that the 'act' or the 'behaviour' has to be forgiven, just the person.  To know that as a human being, whoever has been the cause of pain, needs to be let go.  Let it Go.  With Love.  Know that as you move through your own path, the time will come when your own needs and emotional welfare are more important than a painful emotional history.  Do not allow the past to destroy your future.  Bring the painful, negative feelings in to the open.  Heal them with awareness.  Know that they brought you experience of life that you would never have been exposed to and they have made you a different person. The person you are today is as a result of all the experiences you have been through. To not want just one of those experiences, would make you someone else!  eek!  who do you want to be?  you.  Just you. With all your foibles, your idiosyncracies, there are people who love you because of your strange, weird and wonderful ways. 

As you acknowledge the pain from the past and recognise where you have been held back you will come in to your own and regain the Power of your own Self that has been there all along.  A healing of hearts, minds, physical strength and will power will put your whole sense of who you are and where you are going, back on the right track. 

In order to bring you back into focus there needs to be a balance in your life, you know the drill, work, rest, play and study.  Learning is a lifelong process, no matter how old you are. Work is necessary for you to be able to fulfill your own yearnings for achievement and progress, rest and play to restore your spiritual needs.

Love and light to everyone who needs it

Tamasin M.  x

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