Thursday, 14 April 2011

There was only one Tim Douglas, goodbye my 'Intent' friend

Standing at the kitchen sink with Elkie Brooks singing through my ear pod. "I want to see the sunshine after the rain...I want to see blue skies ...". I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful rainbow. A double rainbow, one brightly coloured and one paler rainbow alongside. I grabbed the camera and took some pics. I managed to wrestle my teenager away from the computer long enough to upload the pics to Facebook. As soon as I find a teenager free window I will share the pic with this blog.

Standing in the kitchen, waiting for the potatoes to boil, my mind floats away, back over the last couple of years. There is a nagging feeling on my mind. You know that feeling that there is someone missing? Who is  it? I can't quite get it, suffering as I am with fully loaded stress. No, wait, there is someone I haven't heard of for a while, white fluffy clouds and the rainbows have reminded me of Tim, a guy I met on line through I used to blog, he used to comment back and we swapped stories of his life with his Mum, and time spent playing Risk with his son, who got to the stage where Tim would lose! I saw the pictures he shared on fb of the board games he played with his son and it helped to remind me that what is important in life is not how much money you can give your children, but the quality time you spend with them.

I make a mental note to contact him on fb, next time I get a look in on the pc. Eventually I get a breather as my son decides to revise for an A level, I leave a message on Tim's wall. 'Just dropped in to say Hi. How are you?'

An hour later I received an invitation to Tim's memorial service. Tim has died. I am reminded that life is too short to spend it doing anything other than creating quality memories.

When I think of Tim, I will remember a man who always posted messages of uplifting encouragement and support, is there a greater accolade than to be remembered as kind and loving?

I guess his family think that Internet fb friends don't count as meaningful acquaintance, but to me, seeing the distinctive messages that Tim! ALWAYS LEFT IN CAPS! WITH SO MANY!!! It was easy to recognize the time, love and care, without even having read the words.

So, RIP Tim, I am sure you are laughing now and sitting at the big risk board game in the sky.xx


  1. This is so beautiful Soul Mum...yes I can see him looking down at us and his final eulogy to be. From a GOOD EVERYTHING INDEED...LOVE, LIFE AND LAUGHTER...NAMASTE!!!!...that is truly what life is all about in just those few short words he wrote to us all...but he is always in us with those words...he will be missed immensely(+)

  2. Tamasin, there really is no greater accolade, Tim's kindness and love touched everyone xxx