Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Harry Potter marks the end of an Era

There is a whole generation of children who have literally grown up with Harry Potter.  These wonderful tales of magical make-believe have seen people through hard times, good times on solitary days or with friends.  Harry Potter has become a common denominator for young people, and some not so young, to recognise character traits that may otherwise never have entered into their minds.

Watching Harry, Ron and Hermione grow up from the 'far too small to be wearing cloaks', eleven year olds, to the 'far too big to be wearing school uniform' 18 year olds, there is a generation of people who have been freed from the reality of their everyday into the wonder of Hogwarts. The safe place that is protected by magic, where no harm can befall anybody because of the magic of Dumbledore.

As each year passed and each new book was released there was some growing up going on.  In our home, there was a dead hamster and a couple of missing cats. A dog who got run over but survived, two great nans died, two granddads, a step-nan and a great-aunty.  There were more funerals than weddings and only a couple of new arrivals.  Life moved on.  My son started the books when they first came out, I think he was about seven.  Every year it has been an 'Event', the Harry Potter film.  We have dragged his Nan along to watch films she has no idea what is going on. She read half of the first book and apart from watching Charlie jump around her garden yelling "expelliarmus" at her cats, she has not paid the same level of interest that comes with reading each book and eagerly awaiting it's delivery to the book shop.

You know people say they remember where they were when John Lennon got shot? Well, I can pretty much remember the arrival of all of these books, where we were living, what we were eating for dinner and the clothes we were wearing.  They have got us through some harsh times and the DVDs have been a godsend to watch during sickness from school and sometimes just in health, for fun! 

Today marks another of those landmarks days.  The penultimate DVD is due to be delivered from Sainsburys.  I will remember it because this is the first time I have on-line shopped from Sainsburys. I have a suspected fractured foot and I am waiting for x-ray results (7-10 days).  My son has gone in to school for an Economics revision morning. No, not the 'how to make dumplings' variety. The 'if GDP falls below a certain level we are all doomed'  variety. When he comes back from his sixth form college study period there will be a kitchen full of food and snackage and a Harry Potter DVD.  The one with Dobby on the cover (Sainburys special edition, don't you know) and a marker of another milestone on the trek towards University and Adulthood.  What perfect timing, the final film will come out before he leaves home.  When I pack him off to Uni, I will make sure he takes the Harry Potter films, he will resist, he is far too grown up, but I know they will be a reminder of his childhood wrapped up in green and gold, to be unpacked and enjoyed anytime he needs a reminder of where he has been.

Expelliarmus my dear readers.  I am off to fight with the home delivery because Sainsburys are still using muggles. xx

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