Thursday, 3 March 2011

The journey for washing powder

I am used to working for spirit.  Well, at least, I always think I am prepared.  Sometimes I consciously prepare myself for my little walks out to town, or to the post office where I post letters to my Mum, or just to buy a pint of milk or sit in the park and breathe in the peace.

Yet, I am often surprised and delighted at the ways in which spirit is able to work through each of us to bring us the right person at the right time.

There is a long and a short version of this story...for the short version, scroll down to the bottom (just to save a bit of time...for those of you who enjoy a good ol' chomp through the minutae, and savouring of details, please continue)

I had on-line food shopping this week, ie, I had all our goods delivered, to the door, by someone else carrying the load.  I have had a blood test to try and discover why I feel so lacklustre and lacking in energy and I decided that while I am waiting for the results, I will not be carrying shopping around.  I will be having it delivered.  Good for me.   So, the shopping came and as I was unpacking it, which is sort of like a mini-christmas with not knowing what is in the carrier bags, a little bit of excitement, mentally checking off the contents with what went on the computer.  This in no way compares to the thrill of personally hunter-gathering for bargains, but I settle for the second-rate thrill.

Slowly it dawns on me that in my excitement of clicking the box for heavy potatoes and big pack of loo roll, I have forgotten the heaviest item of all.  The sodding washing powder.  Dang.  This means that there will be a trip to the shop at some stage, the clothes will not clean themselves.

So, this morning, 24 hours after home-delivery, I wearily don my overcoat, armed with umbrella I cannot believe I have been that stupid as to forget the washing powder. It was one of the few heavy items that I really should have remembered.  So, rather than stop in my tracks and think 'there must be a reason for this', which, by now I should have learnt to recognise spirit interference.  I am remonstrating with myself for being stupid.

I head off.  There are many directions and roads I can take, I can go left or right, up or down, I chose to go left, walk down, not up, along not across, turn left and walk up, could have gone right, didn't.  What happens?  I bump into the Medium who held the Church Service that I attended on Sunday.  As he walks toward me he recognises me too. Not from the church service but from a time when I used to work in Estate Agency, he used to work in Residential Sales at the same time as I did. Our paths have crossed from time to time, we are trade acquaintances.  The rare breed of salesperson who need to network in order to survive, navigating territories, valuations, house sales, downsizing, expansion, extensions, planning permission and with a general intuitive feel for the way the market is moving.  To be a good estate agent means keeping your ear to the ground, your eyes on the computer and your senses on high alert at all times.

So, it is with mutual awareness that we walk towards each other in sort of minor disbelief, I know that this guy does not live in this area, I have only just sat and watched him on Sunday and now here we are on Thursday back on the same turf.  How does this happen? At exactly the same time to have a conversation.

Okay then, even in my slumbering, half-asleep human state I know when to stop and have a conversation and my spidey-senses are alerting me to this fact as he starts to speak and explain that he has literally just given up his job, the Tuesday just gone to get away from the stress and because he has a son with ADHD who is eleven.  I raise my black-gloved hands, because this is what I am drawn to do, even in my energy-reduced state and I start waxing lyrical about Indigo children.  I am aware as I talk that I am being used by spirit, and so is he, the Medium in him has his jaw hanging open as I happily enlighten him that there are many ADHD children who have been diagnosed for the sake of finding a category for them and there is a massive movement grown up around Indigo children.  'when you get a minute, have a look on your computer'
he laughs 'that is what I am doing here, getting my computer looked at'
I am too tired to appreciate that I have used words that are meaningful for him, what a coincidence, I have directed him to google and he does not have access at the moment. I spend a few more moments explaining what I know of Indigo children and the work of Mary English discovering the appearance of Neptune and Uranus frequently showing up in their chart with these planets either in the same house astrologically, or at least next to each other.

I also tell him that I do spirit writing and I give him my card.  He is now surprised, because he has put me firmly in the box of "Estate Agent - will sell own grandmother to improve sales figures".

It is such an amazing feat for spirit to have engineered this meeting.  From someone not really in any fit state to be travelling about carryng shopping to have a coincidental conversation in order to pass information to someone who is not in a position to find the information themselves!

I love synchronicity and all the challenges that come from being used by spirit on a daily basis.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

SPOILER:  Short Version:

Coincidentally bumped into the medium who gave the Church Service on Sunday at my local Spiritualist Church, we both used to be estate agents, he has literally given up Estate Agency this week, or at least, taken a break from it.  His son has ADHD and he is taking a break from the stress.  I was prompted to tell him about Indigo Children and how a lot of children diagnosed with ADHD have Neptune and Uranus in the same house or next to each other.  The Indigo Children is foreign to him and not a concept he has heard of. Maybe he needed to bump into me in order to be able to recognise his son as an Indigo child, and to find new ways of helping him.

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  1. Tamasin, first of all I hope your blood tests show something easy to remedy. I had gone through similar feelings a few years ago and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Since I don't want to have fibromyalgia; I don't! Haha!

    Even in your tired state, spirit led you to have to go out and "accidentally" run into this guy who really needed your knowledge and expertise. Wow! I love it. It had to happen--you had to go out and get your washing powder!

    Please feel better soon.
    Gayle xoxo