Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dear Guardian Angels ....WTF just happened?

Changing Times.  Saturday.

My life involves media images from Japan. An exploding nuclear reactor, an earthquake, a tsunami.  I struggle to ask Guardian Angels for help for the people in Japan.  It sounds so futile as I start to write an FB status:

Dear Guardian Angels, please help the people in Japan...

no, I can't write that, what sort of nonsense is that? thousands of people have died.

Dear Guardian Angels, thank you for allowing millions of people to live...

no, there is no way I can write that, it sounds so disrespectful to the people who weren't 'allowed' to live.

Where is the sense of it all?  Is there a God who is decided who to save and who can be disposed of?  Is it a disposal or collateral damage?

If ever there was a test of Faith or belief in a higher intelligence it has to be the awareness that human life is held with such little regard by nature. The power of this tsunami that has almost laughingly washed away Japanese efforts at defence against the elements.

Dear Guardian Angels, where are you? Are you really there watching over little children who are frightened and who have lost their homes and families today?  Dear Guardian Angels, are you there helping people cope with the loss of their loved ones and their children?  Dear Guardian Angels, if you cannot help people in the face of an earthquake and a tsunami, are you really there?

I am sure I can hear you say 'yes, my child' but why does there have to be so much loss of life, a meaningless waste that really renders life on earth just a futile joke against the power of the forces of nature.

Sorry, where were the Guardian Angels?  helping spirit pass over?  being there for the deaths of many souls?  sorry, that just isn't good enough.

So, Guardian Angels cannot protect life? what can they do then.  They can just be there. No-one dies alone.  Every soul who passes through the veil is accompanied by a Guardian Angel. 
Oh good.  Sorry, sarcasm is dripping through my veins and belief and faith in spirit is diminishing by the hour. 

Maybe we are just tiny little organisms flourishing on this rock because of ideal conditions. No, I don't believe that, I know there is a lot more to our life than we can see/hear/feel, but at the same time, it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel fair and if God is treating people this badly I wonder what sort of God is running this particular show.

What did we do to deserve this show of strength?  Okay, so we polluted the earth. Okay, so we drive cars that pollute the, I had better stop there. It is too soon for me to be able to adjust my point of view from 'oh shit, look at what has happened' 'oh yes, I can understand what has happened and our role in the devastation'.

Dear Guardian Angels, so it had to happen, it was inevitable, please help ease the pain for our Japanese friends as they deal with their loss.

Thank you.

Tamasin x


  1. I think earth's children will keep being reminded of their mortality so long as the human race continues to live inhumanely. I also think it sucks. I think it's a paradox that will see itself to an end. That scares me. I think that I am blessed for yet another day in this beautiful world. This, and having been connected to you makes me happy.

  2. aw, thank you. Thank you for commenting.