Friday, 18 March 2011

Comic Relief

The power of comic relief.  Funny works.  This is how people manage to get through the horror of knowing that children are starving in Africa, dying from malaria as their Mothers watch.  What is it for us to send £5.00?  really?  to be able to buy a malaria net and testing kits.

The distribution of wealth is stimulated by a Giant Red Nose.  t is all so ridiculous and simple.

I love red nose day. I love the people who use their celebrity and fame to encourage altruism and awareness.  The casting was brilliant. 

There are Guardian Angels guiding all the shining stars. 

I thank my Guardian Angel today that I am not living in Japan, or New Zealand or Africa.  I also thank all the people who gave their time so freely and raised a magnificent amount of money.

Altruism lives.

Love and light to everyone who needs it xx

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