Monday, 28 March 2011

Driving Licence arrived safely through the post

Monday 28th March.  The clocks have 'sprung forward' and time moves on.  This is the last day of my son's 17th year. He will be 18 tomorrow.  18. The age of legal maturity, he can leave home, buy a house, get married, have a credit card, a car and legally enter into any form of contract that he wants. He can Vote!  wow, that is quite a biggie.  So here we are, he passed his driving test on 16th March and the examiner took his 'provisional' licence away to wave a magic wand over it and turn it into a 'full' licence. 

Every day my son has had letters through the post this week (he never usually gets letters), due to the fact that it is his birthday.

I leave his letters propped up on our antique table with high, twisted legs. The one I got off ebay for 20p, five pieces of furniture for £1.00. That was an interesting Sunday, relieving some newbie ebayers of five pieces of furniture and handing them £1.00 in return. (What happens is, furniture doesn't sell on ebay, people put it on at a low start price, thinking it will naturally go up on its own, so why pay ebay more money by starting it at a higher price #falseeconomy).  I digress.  

So, every day since 16th March he has come home from sixth form college and had a letter to open. The first letter was even in an expensive envelope,virtually sealed with wax.  Was it a driving licence?no, it was from the local MP (who Charlie has taken a distinct dislike to, following a visit to his school where he wouldn't answer any questions about MPs expenses) reminding Charlie that he is now old enough to vote.  Happy 18th Birthday, new voter.  Okay then.  Not a driving licence.
18th March came a reminder from the volunteer team that he spends time with asking him to fill in his volunteer hours on a form.  Not a driving licence.
19th March, a 'congratulations on passing your test' card from my mum. Not a driving licence.
21st March 'Happy Birthday' card from my mums sister. Not a driving licence.
23rd March 'Happy Birthday' card from my mum.
25th March - bank statement
28th March hooray!  Driving licence has arrived.

This is how an Aries makes every day a waiting experience.  Personally, I had forgotten all about it, oh, yes, a driving licence due through the post? takes about ten days, no?   Well, for a 17 year old Aries to hand over a piece of paper on 16th March and have to wait TWELVE, count them TWELVE days for a return of his prized proof of age document, seems like an age.

It is lovely though that the treasured document has arrived in time for his birthday. This means that he will have legitimate I.D. with which to hit the pubs, clubs, casino or anywhere else he wants to go.

Lots of love and light to the postman who actually managed to deliver the letter correctly xx

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