Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Big Questions (Sunday morning t.v.)

I love the debate on the The Big Questions.  Today they brought in such extremists from all corners of the belief system.  There are the Evolutionists who can prove the earth has evolved and chihuahas have evolved from wolves (random shocker to prove evolution). The Creationists are liars who are hurting their children.  The Muslim extremist who thinks all men should have beards and those who haven't are lady faced faggots.  Nice. I love the Big Questions, but I am amazed that they can bring on someone who actually believes that people in Somalia who are guilty of adultery should be stoned to death.  I suppose extremist views make for interesting t.v. programmes, whereas if everyone understood other peoples point of view it could be a bit dull.

The Greek Orthodox scientist decided that as science explains the reality of our existence and the more we can prove to be true, so this will leave less room for a faith in God. 

The woman of faith would not denounce the scientist.  Her love of God and belief that God created the evolution and the wonder of nature at its best serves to strengthen her knowledge that there must be an intelligent creator behind everything.

Looking at these people arguing about whether there is a God it is easy to see which one is having the better life, the woman of faith is positive, loving, kind, shining with a smiling heart, the man of science is hunched, closed, defeated by his own knowledge.

I know which one of those little humans I would rather be.  I love the strive for knowledge, the ability to search into fields unknown and shift some boundaries, if we knew everything about our worlds, life could get a little dull.

I look forward to being surprised by spirit in the form of coincidence and synchronicity, which, as far as I am aware, is yet to be explained by scientists as to how these minor miracles occur.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin xx

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