Saturday, 9 April 2011

A silver ring and some stepping stones

Saturday.  One day after declaring myself off the blogosphere.  Well, I did say that I would blog about anything that mattered.  I find it really hard to blog about readings and messages I have given, it is bordering on selling information that does not belong to me and everyone who gives readings says 'no, it is all in confidence', if the reading had been given in the public forum then it is okay, but a private reading should stay private. 

I also have trouble not sharing information when it brings comfort to people.  So, here is a little snippet, which I am justifying to myself as being valid for sharing, on the grounds that I am not sharing the identity of the person asking for a reading and I am changing the name of the road. 

I sat with someone I have known for over ten years, we opened the Angel Cards and the tarot cards. As I sat with her in reading, which involved, me talking, her talking, me listening and also a link with spirit to bring through images and messages.  A few of the images I picked up for her were recognisable and she could 'take' the things I gave to her.  I also gave her the name Debbie and a Silver Ring.  No, she couldn't take them.  I also gave her Bournemouth and stepping stones.  No, she couldn't take that.  Okay, I give it to her anyway. After the reading, she has a little chat about her friend Debbie and how they have been to a jewellers to price up a white gold ring.  Debbie? I say, silver ring? silver in colour.  Oh yes! she says, of course.  I didn't think of that. 

The next day she sent me a text to say, 'did I say Bournemouth, stepping stones and footprints'?  I recalled the Bournemouth and the stepping stones, but I cannot honestly say I remembered saying footprints.  Anyway, she was viewing a house in Bournemouth Road and it had footprint shaped stepping stones all down the garden.   I thank her for letting me know.  Sweet. 

What does this mean exactly.  For me, I could have projected into her future life experience and pulled out details of her life; or, I could have been given the image by spirit.  The image could confirm for her the meaning of the rest of her reading, depending on the meaning she gives to this information. Or have we just put the law of Attraction into play and rustled up a garden in a street with the right name, with stepping stones shaped like footprints?

Who knows.  I enjoyed it.  She enjoyed it.  All that matters.

Love and light to everyone who needs it xx

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