Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Warning: sleep deprivation leads to logic warp

Oh dear.  I have never really understood how people can behave badly and then go on to deny either a) what they have done or b) the consequences and effects on other people.

Unfortunately, in my experience, the people I know who do this are either deluded, lacking in self-awareness, or catholic (as long as they go to church on a Sunday the Priest can elevate them to saint-like status).

It is one thing to behave badly, admitting what you are doing, at the time, fully aware of the 'wrongness' of an act and to do it anyway.  That is usually me.  I am quite capable of holding my hands up to bad behaviour, even though I always do try and do the right thing.  When I am aware that there is a 'right' thing to do.

Anyway, this week, I have clearly crossed a line. Gone over to the dark side.  Maybe I am part-Sith after all?

I have an issue with my downstairs neighbour (s) - the plural being when there is a boyfriend on the scene.  The noise of music thumping up through the floor, loud sex noises, door slamming, you get the picture.  Unfortunately, I also have an issue with temporary postmen/women in our street who can't seem to read envelopes as well as they could if they weren't wrapped up in their ipods while they were delivering letters.

My post (107a) gets delivered to the downstairs neighbours, (107) .  My neighbour, clearly in an act she considers thoughtful and helpful, puts my letters under a rock on her doorstep. Exposed to the elements and any wandering passers-by who want to help themselves to my letters/parcels.

Recently I took delivery of a book that had been kindly sent to me from someone I made contact with over the internet.  The first book he sent didn't get to me.  I wonder what happened to it?  I cannot assume that it went downstairs and she has kept it, that would be a massive assumption.  So, I will leave the missing book firmly in the hands of the Post Office.

While I am pondering the whereabouts of the missing book, another letter is wrongly delivered. This time, the letter is not for me.  Not for downstairs either, but for an ancient tenant.  Someone who used to live at this address years ago.  Usually I throw such letters in the bin.  Not this one.  My logic was on full warp.  can you see the warp?

Other people can take my letters and parcels, I have a right to open someone elses letter?  who cares?

So, I have a little peek.  Nothing, just a notification that credit has been requested using this address.  Okay then.  Personally, I am not bothered, not me, not my problem.  Then I notice the name of the person who has sent the letter.  Robert Barker.  Robert B.  Again.

A slight warp in my logic has led me to read a letter, not addressed to me and yet somehow, the significance of this coincidence stares out at me from the page in black and white, again.  Reading something in to what is just a coincidence? or a warp in logic sent from spirit to make sure I get the message?

Love and light to everyone who needs it

(for the significance of the name Robert B. please see my previous blog about Robert Blake, Robert B, 'the last leg of the journey' - if you can't be bothered to read the blog....here is a spoiler:

I had a brother called Robert who killed himself at the age of 15 and he was called Robert Blake, Robert B, when I ask for extra help from spirit with anything I find too hard to deal with myself, I am sent a sign to remind me that spirit are helping.  This weeks sign is the name Robert B.

Thanks for listening!

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