Monday, 14 February 2011

Rise of the Phoenix

As a lover of coincidence and synchronicity I am always happy when I find myself in a maze of intrigue and wonder.  For me, the coincidences that have occurred around the word 'Phoenix' recently have happened too often for them not to have some meaning.

This is the point of coincidence, the idea of it having a meaning.  It may be really meaningful for the person having the experience and for everyone else it is just a coincidence, or, even less than that, a set of circumstances given meaning, by the person who wants it to have some meaning!

Well, here are the facts:

The author of 'Phoenix Immortal' (book about past lives, reincarnation, in particular the life of Lady Jane Grey) kindly sent me a copy of his book to read.

Lady Jane Grey has no meaning or deep symbolic history for me, but I really enjoyed reading the writing in the book.  As I got further into the book, I noticed small things cropping up, that actually, did have some similiarities to my own life, the experiences of the author as a child, learning to deal with a highly sensitive nature.  Page 64, the author just happens to mention that he is related to William Pitt.  I too am related to William Pitt, it appears that the author and I share a family tree!  What are the chances?  This to me is beyond coincidence, this has to be in the realms of synchronicity.

There are a few words in this book that I can 'link' with in my life;  the specific name of a tower is mentioned...Beauchamp tower.  I went to Beauchamps school at the start of my senior school education.  I moved schools to a Girls school where the classes were named after Henry VIIIs six wives, I was in Parr.
Lots of small incidences and events that are probably coincidental to many people, not just me, and yet, I cannot help but feel as I read the book that the words have been written in order for me to spot the pattern of coincidence.

So, I loved the book, I wrote and told the author and thanked him for his time,effort, forgetting to mention the cost involved of him sending the book to me not once, but twice (due to post office not posting a "collect parcel" card through the right letterbox and an unhelpful neighbour who definitely would not put themselves out to walk up a set of stairs to make sure I received the card)...anyway, there lies the end of the story.

Until this weekend, the weekend of 12th February leading up to Valentines Day. As I had an assignment to write and further reading for my degree with the Open University, I put the "Phoenix Immortal" to the back of my mind, and as I wrote my assignment, with bibliography and references, I noticed for the first time that the name of the author of the O.U. book I have been reading for six weeks, is actually "Phoenix".
Odd.  I hadn't noticed that before.
The news on Saturday was full of rugby, football, baftas, grammys and a smaller piece about an incident at newbury race-course.  A nasty event which left a horse dead.  A horse called "Phoenix".
Watching television later that night, waiting for my teenager to come home from an 18th birthday party, National Lampoons Vacation...where did they try and drive to?  "Phoenix". 
Sunday arrives and I am looking through the tv on demand to choose a film, my son and I cannot choose a film we will both enjoy so we give up, but not before I have found a film that I sort of like the look of...hold on, who is in it?  Joaquin "Phoenix".

What is the universe trying to tell me?  Oh yes, I wrote a message to the author to relate all my 'phoenix' coincidences and he wrote back pointing out the date...12th February;  which, clearly means nothing to people who haven't read "Immortal Phoenix"  but it is the one date which is significant throughout the book.  Either I am being nudged by the spirit of Lady Jane Grey or her ancestors or people around her at the time, or I am being given a different message altogether.  Time to rise like a phoenix?

Whatever it is, it involves feathers, for me that is the only symbolism I need to pay attention.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s.  I forgot to mention, I open Chat It's Fate magazine, only to find a little article and picture about Lady Jane Grey.
p.p.s  since writing this blog I caught the tail-end of Deal or No Deal with Noel Edmonds only to discover the contestant was called "Phoenix".
p.p.s.  my son came home from school, they had a man call in to talk to them about the dangers of drug-dealing in America, he spent six years in prison, for organising raves in "Phoenix".  Taking the raves to the desert. 

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