Thursday, 3 February 2011

Time is speeding up...too many blogs...too little time.

So much to blog about and so little time!

This week (really I am only four days in, to what is turning out to be a significant week insofar as synchronicity goes).  

What has 'happened' this week?  well, I have a million things to read.  Working towards a degree with the Open University and I have an assignment due in next week and I haven't finished the reading yet.

A book is due through the post from a fellow medium on facebook 'Phoenix Immortal' - a book about his experience of other-wordly, past-life hypotherapy/regression.  The book doesn't show up. There is no book.  Okay then, I probably wasn't meant to be reading it. I talk myself into - it probably went to my downstairs neighbours who think enlightened means smoking a fag in the dark.

Talking of dark, our bathroom light has snapped.  I am waiting in for the landlord to call round. Knock at the door, no, not the landlord, a postman. With a book.  Hooray!  I tear the envelope open and wonder why I am holding a book entitled 'How to be a Writer', oh, the facebook guy must have sent the wrong book?  I rummage in the envelope and find a little letter of explanation.  My Aunty has just suddenly out of the blue decided I need to read this book.  Wonderful, lovely, a nice surprise.  Not the book I am waiting for though. And no landlord.

List of reading building up...a nice little home-made number from an Author in Devon who has a mailing list and is sending a pamphlet out to people who still like to hold paper when they write.    Another day, another strange time at the dark of the Moon when the mysterious meets the everyday and the mundane becomes mysterious.

The next day, the actual book arrives, shiney, hardback.  It cannot wait.  Fully engrossed in my new best friend I devour 'Phoenix Immortal', page after page of experiences of a medium, the sensitivity, the type of child that is typical of an old soul, or at least, a sensitive human. At page 64 I am amazed to read a mention of the Pitt family, the author has William Pitt in his ancestral lineage.  Guess what?  I too am part of the Pitt bloodline.  So, virtually, this author I have met on facebook, who, out of the blue has sent me his book, not once, but twice (deja vu for him)  now turns out to be on my family tree.

A strange old week, yes indeed.  There are also many other coincidences within this book that sort of run parallel to my life experience but as I haven't finished the book yet I will wait another day to share those.

Love and light to everyone who needs it x 

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