Monday, 24 January 2011

Stars and their Star Signs

I have developed a new interest this month in Astrology.  Well, maybe that is not quite accurate, I am not particularly interested whether Pluto is conjunct Venus or actually what is happening in the outer stratosphere on a daily basis. 

No,to be more precise, I have developed a specific interest in the birth dates of people in the news.  If there is no such thing as coincidence and every thing is orchestrated by a higher intelligence/energy, then it makes sense to me that our date of birth is no accident.

The position of the planets at our birth is not by chance.   When I see a person in the News (for good or bad) I am surprised to find, regularly, that people born in the same Astrological group tend to feature at the same time.  Like little clusters of summer born people suddenly hi-jacking every news story!

A persons age usually follows their name....Arlene Phillips (508) ..or however old she is now...over 60 and apparently too old to sit next to 'bald at 210' Jason Gardiner.  I have yet to read an article or news piece that reads Barack Obama (Leo). It makes for interesting reading though.

Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron (Libra) argues it out with Nick Clegg (Capricorn) and throws slings and arrows across the House of Commons at opposition leader Ed Miliband (Capricorn). 

One Capricorn opposing a Capricorn and a  Guessing the team win then.

As I look up celebrity star signs I shouldn't be surprised to learn that Russell Brand (comedian sex-god) was born on the same day and year as Angelina Jolie (general all round talent/beauty/sex-goddess).  The very same day? 

Russell Brand - born a Gemini has married a Scorpio;  his close friend and partner in crime Jonathan Ross, a Scorpio, married a Gemini, Jane Goldman.   What a team.

I remember reading somewhere, many moons ago, the way forward will be for employers, groups and teams to ensure a balance of people by including a member of the Earth, Fire Air and Water signs in each group for balance, clarity and to ensure a wide range of talents and skills.

Loving the synchronicity xx

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