Friday, 14 January 2011

Astrological star signs....the planets are out there

I have always been interested in Astrology.  I love the idea that being born at a certain time and date - not due to the calendar, but say, on a full moon in the middle of the year, or, on a new moon in spring...can have an effect on the influences on our souls during our lifetime.

Not because we have no power or choice over who we are.  Of course not.   It is just an awareness that the planets ARE there.  Of that there can be no doubt.    Although some scientists like to point out that the Moon is only there because you are looking at it.  Whether that is true or not, it is irrelevant.  It is like watching man trying to unravel Gods plan, and failing.  The whole point of having a life experience is to 'not remember'.  If we were designed to remember 'the plan'  there would be no challenge.  If the map was laid out before us each day, why would we choose to live it?

No, the true mystery of life is not meant to be unravelled, and even when scientists manage to prove their theory, as a human race we are destined to ignore them!

Life is a harsh environment, there is no doubt about that.  If it were easy and predictable, where would the growth come from?  The sense of satisfaction from overcoming a challenge?  Where would be the room to learn understanding, tolerance, kindness and perhaps most importantly, love.

For me, the challenges that come our way really have been given to us (by us) before we came to earth in this incarnation.  The higher intelligence, that belongs to us, and us to it, is so vast that it is virtually impossible for our tiny human brains to be able to see the whole picture.  Nor are we meant to.  

The reason I like to follow the stars and watch for patterns in behaviour, is not to make life predictable, although sometimes that can be fun. But to recognise that we are all experiencing the human condition and to be able to show that during a Full Moon we all have different reactions, whether we are aware of it or not.  It is this awareness that can help us on our spiritual journey.  Knowing that during a Full Moon you may be less tolerant of others, or perhaps more open-hearted and philosophical, the Full Moon can be used as a key for you to delve into deeper parts of yourself that you may not previously have had access to.

The stars are a pointer, an astral map, not just of challenges coming our way, but as a guiding light to show us the way.

Lots of love to everyone, regardless of when you were born.

Tamasin x

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