Monday, 10 January 2011

The last leg of a journey

This is it; the last leg of my parenting journey.  My son was born at the end of March 1993.  (He was meant to be a Pisces, but, as only a head-strong Aries can, he showed up 8 days late, rearing to go).

My Aries son has been a delight, playful, energetic, positive, talkative, forceful, outgoing and always up for a challenge.  Speed at everything keeps him happy.  Getting to the end of every game fast as possible.  Eating his food...going, going, gone.  

The speed at which he worked towards his GCSEs - leading to 9 Grade A results (two of which at A star) has amazed me, he has whooshed through it, leaving me standing in his wake. 

The first year of Sixth Form College and AS Levels - Four Grade A results (A stars don't exist at AS Level otherwise I think they would be A*).  Anxious to step into adulthood, at 17 he is working towards 5 A levels, whilst working at a part-time job, two evenings a week to pay for his driving lessons.

Again, the speed with which he managed this has astounded me.  Is he getting faster? or am I slowing down?  

So, the time came for University Applications.  1,000 Unis in this country to choose from.  What a privileged position, to be able to choose from the top 10 , courtesy of his Grade A results.   The application was written, a personal statement prepared, the account on the computer with the UCAS people who organise Uni places for 17/18 year olds.  How exciting!  (and just a bit scary).

What would the outcome be?  The rules are  - five Unis can be applied to; they can Offer or Reject the applications. Offer Unconditionally or Conditionally.  The further along the process, the complications increase.  So, the wait begins, fortunately for us (and I include myself in this waiting process, for I am the stress-absorber in the daily check for an Aries who is waiting!!!) we have had news within 6 weeks from 2 Unis who have so far offered him a place.

The stress levels increase on a daily basis.  Like waiting for something that is due in the post and hasn't arrived. By day 30 I think I may have actually been grinding my teeth in my sleep.  As a spiritual person and having a belief in God, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and life after death, and knowing that there is no such thing as coincidence, I sent up prayers. I asked my spirit guides to send me a sign that there is nothing to worry about and my son will be alright in his University choice.

Clutching at straws? I can hear the sceptics already.  Yes, maybe.  Of course, it is possible to read into coincidences a meaning that doesn't exist, perhaps it is just a coincidence.  Whether it is or not, it made me feel better, comforted, confident in my son's university application.   To get to the point of the story:

I had a brother called Robert.  He killed himself when he was 15.  I know he is in spirit, helping when he can and bringing comfort to both my Mum and myself that he is around.  Robert Blake to be precise.  Robert B. 

My coincidence is that when my son sent off his Uni application, being an Aries and doing everything at the speed of light, he spent a lot of time and energy on the wording (maths being his strong point, he didn't really need to worry about that bit). He filled in his Grade A results, Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics A, Economics A.  Simple eh?  Anyway, the day after I had sent up a prayer for a sign from spirit, my son received an email back from the Senior Admissions Officer at one of the very top Universities in the country, a personal request for more information.

The information that my Aries son had overlooked, was to explain that not only did he get an A but the percentage with which he achieved that grade (over 80% is an A) - my son achieved 100% but didn't feel a need to write that on his application, because an A is an A right? wrong.. the guy who emailed him back from the Uni?  Robert Boulden.  Robert B.   

Yes, it is a coincidence, but for me, it is also a sign that my son will have nothing to worry about on his educational journey and I am grateful for the knowledge that spirit are working in the background to help him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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