Monday, 28 February 2011

Walking a spiritual path

This little life journey on earth is not an easy trip.  There are challenges, disasters, unforeseen crisis that befall everyone at some time or other. 

When we look at other people and see that they do not appear to have any problems, no financial worries, no health issues, an easy life and wonder how that is possible.  Especially when their idea of self-development means eating healthy food, and having six holidays a year with little or no thought to the existence of people less well off than themselves.  It is easy to lose faith that there is any justice in the world, no spiritual justice, no fairness. 

This may be true. While we are on earth we are given the power, the choices and our use or mis-use of the power we do have is written across our soul.  This is not something that comes to light while we are on the earth plane. It is not until we are in spirit that we are allowed to turn around and see ourselves in the role that we have played. 

For people who are not aware of spirit and who really genuinely believe that once you die, that is it, gone, no more, it is not surprising that they exhibit greed and clawing, grasping traits.  It is not for us to judge, for, if we were in their shoes, believing in just this life experience, we too could become power-crazed and wanting to amass small fortunes by way of making our mark or to pass on to our children to put them in a position of power.

Rather than looking for proof that there is no spiritual justice, it is more useful for our own spiritual growth to recognise our personal development and working on our own inner world that is more important. 

Remember that old saying about 'one mans meat is another mans poison'? - this phrase has just come to mind when it was not what I was going to write about, so I will just give it a mention.   One person may be experiencing financial well-being in this life in order to experience envy and jealousy from other people.  Why would anyone want to experience that?  well, by dealing with negativity from other people, transmuting those hurtful, hateful feelings is an opportunity for spiritual growth.  If there is someone in your world causing you pain, be grateful to them for playing their role.  Learn from the experience, and recognise where you are growing stronger on the inside with a deeper understanding of what you are doing here.  I do not mean stay in a relationship that is destroying you, or abusive, I am asking you to recognise where people are causing your pain to surface.  Emotions that are already lying dormant within you to rise to the surface.

Being grateful for the person who causes you to anger, be grateful for the anger, spiritual growth is under way, especially when you take a little time to look at what is really causing you to feel angry.  Often, it really has nothing to do with what the other person is doing, and more to do with what you are thinking about what the other person is doing!

Exploring life from the inside-out, this is the journey of life that we are meant to be on.  There is no spiritual reward for how much money you have saved, no growth from determining success based on the size of the property in which you live, the price of the car you drive.   Spiritual reward comes from energising your soul, knowing yourself, developing your own spiritual path that allows you to help other people.

If it is not helping other people in some way, however small, it is not part of your spiritual path. 
(I will blog another time about our material path).

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it

Tamasin x