Sunday, 27 February 2011

A return to spirit communication

I am recovering this blog just for spiritual work. is where I now write about people in the news by their star sign.  Astrology is for fun, it is an interesting hobby but I do not think it is part of my spiritual path.

Spirit writing is my spiritual path.  Writing in communication with spirit and also writing about those experiences, where I can without breaking confidentiality of people who ask me for messages.

In recent weeks I have been 'off' my spirit writing; absorbed in a combination of limited computer access, ill-health and an obsession with astrology that has taken me off my beaten track.

This has been put to rights this week by a little trip to my local spiritualist church.  The medium was so sure of her stuff, so confident about the words she was being guided to speak.  I was amazed, at 4ft 11" she could just about reach up to the microphone, but with a booming voice, she really didn't need the mic.  Well-groomed hair, expensive clothes and manicured nails, she looked anything but spiritual and then she started to speak.  A lovely little chat about herself, her roots, how she had left home at a young age and experienced many ups and downs and a reminder, via the 'address' that she gave. 

She said, often, people say to her "I used to have weird things happen to me, coincidences, and feathers appear, but now all that has stopped" and she would ask them
"what else have you got going on in your life?  a job to hold down?  a relationship to spend energy on? a house to run? children to organise?"
as she was listing all these commitments that most of us have, the audience started laughing and it was infectious, of course, it all made perfect sense.  How can anyone be open to spirit communication on a regular basis when their human life experience is full up already?

She went on to explain how some people veer off the path, lose interest, find other things to do, and yet they return to remember why they were on the path in the first place.

That is life.  The path is not straight, nor continuous, nor the same for everyone.  It is not the spiritual path that has gone anywhere, it is always there to return to, to revive, to bring back stronger than ever.

Whenever you feel like veering off your path, remember, that is okay.  You are doing your best, and no-one can ask anymore from you.  If you are doing your best and anyone wants to criticise you for what you are doing, they are asking you to give more than you have to give, and what sort of person does that make them?

Keeping the faith, peeps. 

Love and light to everyone who needs it. x

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