Monday, 8 November 2010

A turn out of time in a pub in Torquay?

My mum lives in Devon, she has moved to Brixham this year after spending a few years in and around Torquay.

She decided to have a little day out back to an old haunt of hers (pardon the pun) in Torquay and to go and see an old acquaintance, Danny, in a pub where he could usually be found.

She went back to the pub, walked in, it was just as it had been a few years before, an old-fashioned pub with lots of rooms and there was Danny standing on the other side of the bar. My Mum came over claustrophobic and so she went outside for fresh air, when she went back into the pub it had all changed. There were no rooms, it was all open - plan and there was no Danny.

My Mum asked the bartender about Danny, sorry, the bartender told her, he killed himself a couple of years ago.

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