Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Coincidental names

Names.  Places. Choices in life.  Choices made by our parents, (or possibly by our souls before we were born), lead us to meeting other people who have made similar choices and what happens when those choices appear so similar that it has to be more than Chance?  we call it a coincidence.  Just a coincidence.  Some people are happy to just ignore the coincidence, read nothing more into it, one of life's little anomalies.

Fortunately for me, I am not one of those people.  Whenever I come across a coincidence surrounding names and places or dates and numbers I love to really appreciate the magnificence of a Universe that brings these meetings/things together.  Wonderful.  It is not just the coincidence itself that is amazing, often it is also the way the coincidence comes to light.  How many events and people have to be involved for the subject to come up? for the right people to meet and just happen to be talking about things which they have in common?  Amazing.

For instance, this week an internet friend has emailed me happily reporting her new relationship with a guy called Charles and she continued to talk about her brother who had died, called Tom; well, my son is called Charles and my Dad (now in spirit) was called Tom.   Little nudge from spirit as a reminder that we are all connected.

Also this week I was walking through the busy High Street and found myself walking behind two people in wheelchairs, slowing my progress and yet causing me to look up and notice a friend, Sharna, coming the other way!  She was rushing to her yoga class but we managed a couple of minutes to catch up about how her daughter Hannah was getting on at Uni, she is studying drama at a London Uni, and how my son is just making his Uni application.  Nice to see her, I trotted off to go about my daily chores.

My son went off to work in the evening 5pm - 11pm at Costcutters in Leigh, (not the Westcliff one, where we live), he cycles for 10 minutes to work in the same shop that his Uncle worked in from the age of 13 to 16 - not that Charlie knew that when he went to work there...I digress,  this week my son is working with an unknown quantity.  His regular work colleagues are both unavailable due to prior commitments so someone else is standing in.  I was wondering how he had got on and hoped he was working with someone he would have something in common with.  

As he dragged his bicycle up the stairs and brought his bright red fingers indoors he happily tells me all about the young lady he has worked with, her name is Hannah, she has just started Uni in London.

Inside I have a little laugh to myself, I am pretty sure this is spirit just letting me know that Charlie is being looked after while he is out at work.

Love and light to all you who need it

Tamasin x

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