Thursday, 14 October 2010

My Green Bucket List

My Bucket List:

Bucket List - Things To Do...before I kick the bucket.  It is a big question, and although I could happily fill a new bucket. I already have a few buckets filled with Things that I have wanted to do and have actually managed to do them.

Let's see.  There are some things in life that are BIG.  BIG things TO DO.  Big things, like..having a child, watching them grow up, these things are too big for a bucket list.

Although, I have managed to do the above, I am blessed with the son that I have and I do believe he is in my life by choice. I do believe that he chose me and his dad to be his parents, as I in turn chose my parents, and they in turn chose theirs.

So, with a sense of Destiny aside and not including all the things that come to my world via spirit, because either
a) I have asked for them to be in this life experience, before I got here (yes, that is what I believe happens);
or b) I have attracted/created various ridiculous scenarios either to ...relieve the boredom.... prove I can get myself out of any hole that I am capable of digging, or...fill in the gaps as to why any of us create a less than desired life experience?..answers on a postcard please.

I digress.  My bucket list.  A whiff of mortality, the idea that life does not last forever, well, not in the physical sense.  There will only be so many opportunities to rollerskate down the cliffs along the seafront (okay, so it was 30 years ago - I still DID it).

As I try and unscramble the wish list in my mind, I realise that I am going to need a few buckets.   One Red bucket to put in all the crazy things I have done by default, the testing, trying out, falling into, falling out of, pushing, forcing, fearing, hating...the bucket for things I wish I hadn't bothered trying (like squid..yuk); the Blue bucket could be to save all the things I have done that I am grateful for, the things I loved to do, the things I wish I had done more of, this bucket is full of easy days, exciting times, hard-earned cash, cars, houses, holidays and pets.. and then there will have to be the Green bucket.

The things I am still yet to do. And here is the ponder. When writing a Green Bucket list and filling it with dreams and flights of fancy, a wish list of everything from the easily attainable to the seemingly impossible dream - have I learnt from my 44 years on the planet to 'only fill the Green Bucket with Things that will finally end up in the nice, healthy, Blue bucket'?  Are there any guarantees?  no, of course not. Is this going to stop me filling my Green Bucket? hell no.  

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