Wednesday, 22 September 2010

two builders a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Builders have arrived next door, along with the red brick dust, banging and general disruption they also bring a cheery smile and a little chat every day.  Having mentioned in passing that I am learning animal communication and linking with spirit is what I do...somehow this translates to...'what dog have I got?'  I have already mentioned in passing that I keep bumping into lost Staffs...naturally, the enquiring builder  has a Staff; as he stands looking questioningly at me, he is joined by his fellow roofer wearing shades and a grumpy look because clearly what I am saying is just BS eh?  'Well,  it is not a Rottweiller' I can say this with some certainty, they both laugh,  guess what dog the Sunglass wearing, BMW driving roofer has?, naturally, a Rottweiller.

This is what happens when trying to perform party tricks...'guess what dog I have got' is NOT the way forward and although the two dog breeds I have mentioned ARE both the dog breeds owned by these two builders, it is a fleeting by chance information passing conversation that can belittle animal communication.  

Note to Self:  must come up with a phrase that explains why I don't use psychic gift for party tricks without offending the questioner.

Love and light to all who need it x

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