Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The dog missing her blanket

Walking along, minding my own business, as best I know how. Spotted the lady who runs the spiritualist church down my road having a chat with a young lady holding a dog.  I cross over the road to have a chat and the dog pulls on her lead to get to me, 'and what's her name?'  I ask, even though I am feeling a sense of significance before the young woman replies 'Jessie'.  Oh yes, my son's middle name.  The name of his great-grandmother, the name he was going to be called until he was born and then he just didn't look like a Jesse.  (Hence the name Charles).

We all have a chat about mundane matters, like me having a pair of trousers taken up for my son to go to college, and the young woman attending mid-wifery coll ege.  As we walk off we are headed in the same direction and so we fall in step alongside each other, I explain about my animal communication and the young woman says she always feels her dog is sad, because she is looking sad.  I link with the long-nosed dog (no idea what breed) and pick up a really solid, happy, secure energy but I am given a picture of a woollen blanket.
I say 'I am picking up a woollen blanket' and I rub my finger and thumb together to signify the importance of the texture of the cloth.
'yes, I have just given her a new duvet for her bedding'!  the girl is pleased, she thinks I am referring to the new bedding
'no, it is a woollen and feels soft with a nice feel to it'
'oh, the old blanket?  I threw it away'
the dog looks at me, seriously resigned ..I am sensing a missing blanket
'I don't think Jessie likes the duvet and she liked her blanket'
the young woman says, 'oh! I will go to Primark and get her another blanket, did she like that blanket? I didn't realise'

At least, I think this is the message, but I guess the young woman will find out by how Jessie behaves when she is presented with a replacement woollen blanket!

Love and light to everyone who needs it. x

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