Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The fleeting messages/images from dogs en route

Time is passing by so quickly, I am losing my animal communication stories because I am not finding time to 'document' them.  So, I will use this blog as a quick reminder of small incidents that I feel are significant on my path of animal communication.

My neighbour who regularly walks her Staffordshire Bull Terrier..I picked up that he was scared, he had been treated badly by a man and the name she was calling him wasn't his name.  This is something that just came to me as we fell in step side by side as I walked home and she was walking her dog.  Yes, the dog is a rescue dog; yes, she doesn't know his original name; yes, he is a bit funny around some young men; he barks when she leaves him (abandonment issues - he feels that she is going to dump him like the last owners);  I also picked up a scent of her on a piece of clothing to be put near his sleeping area.  So he has the scent of her on when she leaves.  I also thought she needed to explain to him that he is part of the family now and isn't going anywhere. He has a fear to be overcome and needs a lot of reassurance.  Turns out her family are involved with a spiritualist church and do faith healing and so I suggested that she get her Dad to heal the dog, starting with his head, the fear is in his mind.   Seeing him occasionally I can tell that he is improving thanks to the healing, he looks calmer around his eyes.

Love and light

Tamasin x

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