Thursday, 16 September 2010

A journey into the realm of animal communication

Currently looking for paid employment and searching the internet, shop windows and generally making it known to everyone I meet that I am looking for a job.  The plus side to being available during the day means I get to have interaction with people walking their dogs.  

Last summer a staffordshire bull terrier was found roaming in our street.  I actually crossed over the road in an attempt to get away from the drama of a lost dog.  At the time I had no inclination towards pet communication and not being a great lover of dogs I felt the scenario really had little to do with me.  WRONG.  The young lady two houses away called me over!  why?  I am sure I do not look like either a)dog lover or b)someone who knows what to do with a lost dog.  The dog DID seem to take to me, but I was in no mood to bring home a four legged friend who I am sure would not enjoy my concrete steps on a daily basis.    Then again this week, I am walking along, not near my home but nearer to the town centre, I even have my headphones on and a woman calls me over.. why? why me?  I haven't got a dog... here we go again..

It is a staffordshire bull terrier and it is dragging her along on a lead she has put on it, she has rescued it from running around by itself.  She has been directed to a house by a passing postman, the house she has been directed to?...yes, it is the house of someone I know as being a working mum of 3 boys and I am pretty sure she will not be the dog owner.  We knock anyway.  As I stand waiting for the door to be answered I tune in to the dog.  Yes, walking, exercise, water, usual things and then the image of a pub.  I try and explain to this complete stranger who has drawn me in to her dog housing exercise that I am learning to be  a pet psychic etc 'oh, well, he was going in the direction of the pub when I caught him'... guess he didn't really NEED rescuing after all.  Off she went, last seen heading towards the local boozer.

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