Sunday, 5 September 2010

Heard the one about the horse and the hat covered in flowers?

The picture came from ebay.  A lady kindly allowed me to practise on her horse by way of animal communication.  As a novice in the art of animal linking I asked for people to come forward with their animals for free readings, just to see if I could do it.  The result? people bidding on my ebay listing led to a horseowner paying me £5.50 to talk to her horse. Gulp.  Oh. Dear. I explained that I may not be able to link with a horse, never having done it before.  The owner understood completely and asked me if I wanted to read for a shetland pony or a white arabian cross (horse).  mmmm... ummm... well, I asked for a photo and said I would read for whichever one I was 'drawn' to.  Hoping that it would become obvious to me once I had laid eyes on the animals.

The lady sent me a picture of a beautiful, white horse who had the most soulful eyes I have ever seen on a creature that is not gifted with the power of speech.  The Shetland pony was sweet, but that was it, nothing grabbed me about the little pony that was anything resembling the power of the beautiful horse.

I am a little unsure about confidentiality of psychic readings and animals, it is not quite the same, or is it?  just in case I am telling too much of this horse story I will change her name to Beth.  Also, to explain, what I know about horses you could probably write on the back of a postage stamp.  Also, to cut a long story short, I will just share with you here what I picked up from the horse and the feedback from the owner (as accurately as I can recall):
The reading:
I picked up initially that Beth had been treated badly by someone in her past, a man and now she no longer was comfortable having men around her and there was some guy working around her stable that was unsettling her.  
I picked up a distinct Norfolk accent and a male farmers voice.
The images I picked up, amongst other things, included dried leaves of some description, a hat covered in flowers, a wellington boot with a hole and the horse tap dancing and being allowed to perform.  I also saw the horse pulling a really weird face and showing me her teeth.  
This is just a small part of the reading that I remember vividly because of the positive feedback from the lady owner.
The owner said the horse had a history of being mistreated by her old owners boyfriend and she was made to do things in a cruel way.  Beth had taken to making weird faces at people just before she bit them and she was going to have to be put down until this owner bought her in order to rescue her.  The owner said because of her aggressive nature she had been unable to show her, which is what she had been doing, and winning rosettes and being able to perform and show off.   The owner also had been feeding Beth nettles and had run out, (I saw an image of the horse stamping her hoof and dragging the leaves back).  I also was shown a horses 'bit' and the horse holding her foot up to be hooved.  The owner came back with - there has been a change of bit and also she had such an issue with the blacksmith and the horse that she no longer has her shoed, just filed (guess that is some sort of manicure by a girl).  The business about the hat covered in flowers,  the lady bought the horse from a lady in Norfolk who was wearing a hat covered in fresh flowers and at the time the hat had made the owner laugh, I guess Beth found it quite amusing too :)

I don't know if this information came to me from the horse, I don't even know how accurate it is and we are just trying to make it fit, I do know that the horse is now doing much better having been told by it's owner that it is there to stay and is not going anywhere.  

Animals are just like humans in their emotions, thoughts, fears and beliefs and I do believe that the therapy for animals is to be re-assured by their human that they are okay and also to have Reiki healing which is a very soothing vibration that sensitive animals such as horses can really benefit from.

Love and light to all of you who need it x

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