Friday, 27 August 2010

Animal communication and how I remembered it went!

A quick blog, as quick as I can make it whilst doing justice to my link with spirit for animal communication.

First animal to 'link' for...I use the word for on purpose as opposed to link with ..because, although the feedback I have had from animal owners appears to be on the positive side, as if I am clearly linking with their animal, I do not know this for sure.  I suspect I am being communicated with by spirit, perhaps the guide of the animal who is giving me images which appear to come from the animal.  I guess there will never be any way to know for sure.

This first pic I was sent was of a beautiful fluffy cat, mainly white, who went by the name of Peppermint. Her owner contacted me as a desperate last resort because she had been missing for two months.  Well, as a first delve into the world of animal communication, this is not what I had been expecting and suddenly the responsibility loomed large that I was actually going to link with spirit in order to come up with some information as to the whereabouts of a much loved pet!  eek...  I put aside my own fears and thoughts of disbelief and sat in meditation on the picture of the kitty cat, the images that came back were of her playing really happily in a field with overgrown long grass, catching mice and being fed by a man.  I also picked up a quarry and I was impressed with the information that the cat was on a 'cat journey' and if she wanted to return home she would.

I sent this message to the owner of the cat and the lady came back with the fact that there is a field like that near her home and also a quarry, so she went off to look for the cat in that area. I suppose it narrowed her search, I haven't heard anything from her since so I have to assume the cat is still off on an adventure.

Short of time,,,stories to follow about the beautiful white arabian mare horse, the fearful staffordshire bull terrier and the half-starved cat..

Love and light to all of you who need it x

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