Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer 2010 is passing in a blur...

No time for my blog.  Harsh, but true.  My computer has packed up it's internet connection and I am using a laptop that holds no appeal for me and has the letter S missing..well, the keypad bit anyway. In order to type that letter I dig around on the exposed silver component usually covered by a plastic cover... Enough moaning.

Just in case the Law of Attraction is true I really must stop focusing on the events in my life which are not serving me.  Computer problems are not serving me.  Not having a car is not serving me.  Having a neighbour downstairs who blasts loud music until 3.30am is not serving me.  There, my list of negative factors in my life, now for the positive...

Before I was rendered Internet Inactive due to my dislike of the laptop and my general discomfort at using a flat keyboard with no S (sorry, the ranting WILL subside in a moment)...I started on the quest into animal communication.  My next post is what happened:

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