Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Art of Animal Communication

Animal communication.  Yes, talking to animals.  Hm. The Art of.  This is something that is becoming more popular as awareness, belief and acceptance that 'it can be done' grows.

For me, the idea of being able to pass a message on from a cat or a dog to it's owner is just magnificent.  Almost more useful than bringing messages through from spirit for loved ones who are still having an earthly experience.  The reason I say this is because when a cat or a dog comes through from spirit the message is always something about the food, or the bed, or the physical comfort that was given to them, and they say thank you.

So, my logical thinking has taken me along the lines that if a dog can communicate from spirit (and I have had a few dogs just show themselves to me whilst spirit writing) and a rabbit can give me it's name from spirit - (cool, even I was impressed), then surely the animals can communicate while they are alive?  Is it really possible?  I don't know whether it is or not.

I have read that it is, I have heard of other people doing it and yet it is not something that I have ever believed that I can do. Maybe this logic is flawed.  What people and animals are capable of in spirit is far greater than anything they do whilst they are on the earth plane so I am not sure that animals are any more capable of telepathy whilst they are alive than we are!

Then again, not everyone tries spirit writing or telepathy or spiritual communication, so, maybe everyone can do it but not everyone wants to or thinks they should.  Definitely the bible clearly says no-one should speak with spirits or communicate with anything that is unseen.  Not sure how God stands with communicating with live animals?

I am going to try and communicate with animals this week.  Although, I will still not really KNOW whether the information I am given or 'pick up' is from the animal or from some rogue spirit masquerading as a rabbit!

I have asked a friend to let me practice on her cat and I have advertised on ebay for a  guinea pig - possibly literally -  to test my psychic pet skills on.  

It will be interesting to see the results.  As crazy as it sounds and possibly is, it fills me with an optimism that maybe I will be able to help animals and their owners in this mixed up, crazy world we live in!

Love and light



  1. hi!

    i found your blog by searching around for ghost stories and stuff and came up with yours, i really dont know if you are a kinda a medium or something like it, but i found your blog very interesting, the animal communication seems cool as well as other posts, but i found something in common that i have as well in our ways of thinking, symbolism..

    recently i lost my grandmother all of a sudden , she wasnt sick or anything, but it happened and it hurt me so bad that i got depressed over the last months...but then a lot of wonderful things started happening like a chain reaction one after the other.. i broke up with a relationship then my all time favorite artist came to a concert to my home town, and thanks to that ticket that was supposed to be my ex's i started communication with a person that i feel more comfortable and happy with, and also i had this tought that if i could get a picture with this artist, it would be like a gift send from heaven directly from my granny, of course i thought it was stupid to think i could get something like that but happened i got the photo and i just cant think of how many blessings in such a short time i have received...and i firmly believe is a gift from her and also a message that i cant give up my dreams, because when you least expect it, if you fight long enough, youll get them... thanks for reading me and please let me know if you read my comment...i hope we can be in contact..

  2. Hi - feel free to contact me at Yes, I am sure she will be helping you all she can and the art of communication is to learn the symbols and signs she will be using to get through to you :)