Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A meeting with a religious bus

Well, today on the journey of my life I met up with a friend. Clearly there are many categories of friends out there; the friends who are like comfy slippers you can dig out when you need them and they are still the same; the friends who live exciting and speedy lives who have time for a quick coffee and then they are gone; new friends, old friends, young friends, female friends, male friends, passing acquaintances, longed for friends and friends who only exist in the longing of your heart.. an imaginary friend perhaps..

I digress, today's friend is someone I have known for more than a few years, we were never close when we met on a course and yet over the last couple of years we have come to know each other better.  A few emails, a few texts has led to me offering her healing to help her get over her physical ailments which have sprung up recently.

Today she is preparing to go to hospital for an operation tomorrow.  We meet up for coffee, a meander around the shops and a chat about the illness, life and death, life after death, psychic work, animal communication and how long we are planning on living.  A hot chocolate balancing a mountain of cream later and we head off back up the high street to her car.

On the way in to town I did sort of vaguely notice a double decker bus parked on the pavement but I honestly didn't give it more than a passing thought.  Oh yes, a bus on the pavement. As we walked back past the bus a young couple approached us holding a red card and a blue card.  

'Do you have a couple of seconds?'  the light green eyed, fresh faced young man enquired
apparently we did.  I couldn't decide if this coloured card thing was football related or something to do with the Matrix.  Very similar,  red, blue, two cards being held up..

The young guy, Victor, asked my friend 'which card is bigger?'  
'they are both the same'

Having dismissed his parlour game and tricks she was ready to move on.  Harsh, I felt,  me, never one to dismiss a total stranger, new people being one of my favourite past-times...  
'blue' I declared; the blue one is larger than the red one
so he changed hands and held them in opposite hands - 'and now?'
'red' I said.  Wondering where the rabbit hole was..
I am still not sure of the relevance of the coloured cards but it led to a conversation about Jesus; how we shouldn't be talking to the dead or praying to Mary.  Jesus is okay because he isn't dead.  But everyone else is dead.  Okay.  Never one to dismiss the beliefs of another I happily listened to what they had to say and for some reason I blurted out that my friend is having an operation tomorrow.  Cue healing prayers, Victor performing the laying on of hands in the High Street and a general expectation of a miracle occurring all round.
Not to disregard whatever it was the Victor did, the peace and calm engulfed me as I stood on the grey windy pavement and I felt great!  All my friend felt was cold.  I promised that if she is healed and a miracle has taken place then I will give up reading the tarot cards and pray only to God and not spirit guides or guardian angels etc.  It will be interesting to see what transpires.

love and light


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