Sunday, 13 June 2010

Starting to feel like an Urban Shaman - spiritual signs from spirit this week

Signs from spirit this week have been interesting.  I have walked in three different parks and seen the same signs from spirit; variations on a theme.

Park One: blogged below; Priory Park.  The 'usual' signs that I have started taking for granted.  The magpie, the crow and in this park no squirrel but two seagulls.  The coincidence about that is the fact that the week before I noticed two seagulls on my local church roof.

Park Two:  Belfairs Park - a stroll for some fresh air on the day my son (squirrel is his symbol) was doing his Maths exam; 'usual' signs, the Magpie, the Crow, and a beautiful squirrel who stopped to pose for my camera; clearly as I am getting blase about my signs from spirit and taking them for granted, or being a little bored by the same signs over and over I am presented with a beautiful new sight.  Four lovely cats lying on a table outside the horse stables.  I love cats and to be shown an idyllic sight of cats enjoying themselves together was great.

Park Three:  Chalkwell Park; bearing in mind this is all within the same week;  The Magpie; The Crow; and a squirrel!  which I was surprised about, because I didn't know there were squirrels in Chalkwell Park and as I am in wonder now, not boredom or taking for granted, because even I am starting to feel a little strange about seeing  these same creatures when I walk through a park, I am treated to a display of Peacock Feathers from a lovely bird who lives in captivity in the park.


My journey continues.

Love and Light


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