Sunday, 13 June 2010

Another day another request for Directions

Just a quick record of yet another request for Directions.  This time from someone in a silver car - the last 3 cars to stop have been silver (?)  wonders at the significance.  

To a guy who was in Manchester Drive - borders Westcliff/Leigh who wanted to know where leigh seafront is.  Do I know it?

Do I know it? I spent many a summer on Leigh Beach as I was bringing my son up and the years spent in Leigh. I do know exactly how to get there from here.

 I smile to myself as I tell him he is facing the wrong way and needs to do a complete U-turn in order to cross over no less than 3 main roads and go the other way.  He is facing the wrong way.

Is this a message from the Universe that I have yet to interpret correctly?  I guess it will keep happening until I figure it out.

Love and light

Tamasin x

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