Monday, 7 June 2010

Being asked the Way - again;

Well, this week I have had conversations around spiritual matters, the meaning of life and the whole point of being born, living, dying, reincarnation, doing it all over and over again.  It can all seem quite meaningless and pointless.  I can see this point of view, I can understand it and yet,  often when I am asked to give life meaning or   have an opinion about it, I am once again reminded by the Universe (or spirit) of my role in this little life that I am playing.

I am asked the way.

I am stopped and asked for directions.  But not to a random place that I don't know, I am always asked for directions to a place that I have a connection with.  Admittedly, I have lived in this town of 160,000 people for a long time and I do know a lot of places and people here.  However, the amount of times this happens to me is just too much of a coincidence for it not to be a sign from spirit.

This week I was heading along the main road with my Ipod headphones firmly in place as I walked up to a frozen food shop for my son's favourite ice lollies. Which took me slightly out of my way and this is not a direction I would usually be walking in.  As I am in a little musical world of my own I don't really notice the silver people carrier pulling over in front of me, that is until I realise the window has been wound down and the guy driving is gesturing over his child passenger's head.

I take my headphones out, laughing at my inability to notice a people carrier, but they are in no mood for laughing, a car full of family and children and they have lost their way.

See, there were a few other people walking past, not just me, an isolated individual with no choice but for them to ask for my help, no, they chose me to be the person who could tell them where to go.

'do you know how to get to Southend Pier?'  the guy asks through what appear to be virtually gritted teeth
I smile to myself, yes, I know it.   Southend Pier, just down the road, I offer directions and wish them a nice day.  I carry on my travels to the ice-lolly shop and recall a time 30 years ago now when I was on Saturday Morning Swap Shop (television programme) being held in my favourite park - Priory Park and I was asked to talk about the Pier and what I knew about it.  I knew it was the longest pier in the world and at 1.3 miles long that is some pier.  I spent my Sundays crab fishing underneath it. I took my son as a toddler walking along it, and later on the train for a journey out.  

Yes, I know Southend Pier.  Could they have picked a better person to ask? also bearing in mind that we were in Leigh on Sea at the time and not actually anywhere near the pier.

To me this is a gentle synchronicity that serves as a reminder that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

Love and light to all of you who need it x

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