Saturday, 29 May 2010

Signs from spirit in a 10 minute walk around a park

I love symbolism.  I admit it.  I love to give meaning to the things I see on my daily travels.  I know that to non-believers it seems as if I am just giving meaning to things to make myself feel better and to create a belief in the afterlife that isn't true.  

That is okay, I understand that, and if I wasn't so completely sure about what I believe in I may even agree with them.  However, even I am sometimes surprised by the signs I see from spirit which are unexpected.  This week, in one little walk around my local park:

Two seagulls sitting on the roof of the Museum, the ancient building that used to be part of a monastery. Nothing strange in this in itself, except that last week I saw two massive seagulls sitting on the roof of my local spiritualist church.  Nothing strange about this in itself, but when you put the two together, the coincidence that I should a) be passing the church as the seagulls were resting and b) that I should notice.

Lovely, I take some pictures because I doubt that anyone will believe me that I have seen 2 seagulls almost waiting for me to notice them on the roof of two different religious buildings and not really near the sea about one mile away from each other.

I carry on walking through the park, still in wonder about the seagulls, wondering what it could mean, if anything.  A big black crow lands on beautiful green grass in front of me. I take another picture.  Oh, maybe I am going to have something to crow about?

A walk past the lake, 7 sitting ducks, peacefully undisturbed with their backs to me. I take another picture. A squirrel scurries up the giant tree which is offering shade to the ducks.  I take a pic but the squirrel is too quick.  I put my phone away and silent thank spirit for showing me these signs from nature that give me joy and pleasure and serve as a reminder that we are not on our own, we do have spirit guides and angels around us.

As I leave the park I am treated to one of my favourite spiritual symbols..a robin lands on a post in front of me on my path. He has drawn my attention to him by landing in front of me.  I am too slow getting my camera phone out. I will just have to keep that particular picture in my head.

Thank you spirit for allowing me to recognise the significance of nature in spirit communication.

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