Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Exam preparations and negative body language

Having a 17 year old son at home revising for his AS Levels my 'job' at the moment is to provide a peaceful, stable, loving home environment for him to work in.  This is much easier to write/say than actually do.  However, I have had years of practice and I am fully prepared.

Mentally prepared..check. Emotionally prepared...check.  Physically prepared..check.

I make myself as aware as possible mentally and try to stay in the moment as much as is humanly possible as I help my son prepare for his exams rationally and by making sure he has everything he needs in his pencil case, his wallet, the fridge, his bedroom, his wardrobe.. yes, mentally I am aware it could be challenging.

Emotionally I am feeling as if another era is drawing to a close, a time of such importance that I am catching 'nerves' and fear emanating from my son as he leaves the house.  I send back love and warmth, a harmony of emotion to bring him peace and strength.

Physically well stocked, plenty of fluids, cutting down on t.v. time and plenty of fresh air and exercise that time will allow.  

Having made all these preparations and settled myself into 3 weeks of ups and downs, expected and being aware of the unexpected I still feel a need to refresh my own spiritual being by trotting off for a walk into the town centre. I have a little job to do that I have created as a purpose for my journey. I have emptied my coin pot in the kitchen. Well, actually it is a wooden, hand-crafted money box that my son made at school when he was younger.  I save all the odd coins that end up in my purse and when the pot is full I trade them in. 

It is surprising really however heavy four pounds worth of coinage is; trotting the 1.2 miles into town I pour my coins into the money changer at the supermarket.  A voucher spits out the bottom.  This voucher must be handed in today or it will be invalid.  I head to the counter. There is a lady behind the till who happily lifts her head in my direction offering to take my voucher. I was surprised because there was a woman standing at the counter. I wasn't sure if she was in a queue of one or being served... she looked like she was in the middle of being served..her body language said 
'I am really fed up with the service here and the length of time it is taking me to stand here and not be dealt with..'
she managed to look like that with her clenched fists leaning on the counter and her somehow the rest of her body just exuded fed-up ness in an angry way.
I smiled at the customer service operator and handed over my voucher
'are you alright there?'  I enquired pleasantly
she smiled back.  
I happily exchange voucher for cash and head off, knowing that no matter what the circumstances in my future shopping days, there will not be one where I am ever leaning with clenched fists on the counter.  I head off to the seafront to walk the long way home and as I breathe in the sea air the smell of cooking candy floss wafts up my nostrils, the good old days, it has to be at least 10 years since my son and I were anywhere near a candy floss maker. As I am reminiscing to myself a woman approaches me with her hand full of pound coins
'do you have change of a pound for the parking meter?' she says; 
Luckily I still have enough change in my purse to be able to help her out.  
I am aware of my body language during our encounter and I know I have been guided by spirit to be of help both to the woman in the supermarket and by being in the right place at the right time to be able to provide change to a complete stranger.
Love and Light :)

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