Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My analysis of a personal interaction with the British Gas salesman

Well, this week it is the dark of the Moon; the time of the month when strange dreams emanate from all quarters. The mysterious few days when all becomes clear, as the moon comes back into view we have a reconnection with our spiritual natures.  I find that during this time people are more inclined to show their deepest 'true' colours. This includes me.  During this period of disconnection it is so easy to allow our lower selves to start running the show.

Making the choices, everyday, in every situation to allow our higher selves, the better part of us, the loving, kind, expansive, knowledgeable, aware part..or, to allow our lower self, our ego, the part of ourself that loves to control, to be in charge, our self-important, desperate for recognition part to take over.

I have learnt over the years, and it has taken years, to recognise the inkling of my lower self in action.

This week I have been very busy finishing off a writing assignment for a Creative Writing Course wth the Open University. I am aware that it is the dark of Moon and I know this is generally the time when my services as a tarot reader and spirit writer will be in demand.  It is just the nature of spirit; people feel a calling, a need for something on outside of themselves and the New Moon brings everything back into perspective and shows light on situations that only a couple of days before would seem impossible.

As I sat in my garden having a well-earned rest from writing; the demands of my 17 year old (currently working really hard towards HIS AS levels) and enjoying what really is the first of the summer sun a salesman appeared in my garden.

Or rather, he was walking half way up my concrete stairs towards my front door.  I called out to him 'hello - are you looking for me?'
'probably' he said
'God I hate stairs' he said as he came back down the stairs
'and I have a bad rib'  as I stood wondering who he was and what he wanted he told me all about his roller skating injury, and the story of his hospital trips and how they hadn't x-rayed him.  He told me he was from British Gas and I told him that I am already with British Gas.  His handheld computer said No. I was not being supplied by British Gas.  I walked him back into the garden and sat him down whilst I explained the saga that has been my gas supply since I moved in here a year ago.

My higher self is happy to allow a salesman to rest his feet and sit down for 5 minutes whilst we chew the fat and have a little chat. My lower self wonders what a salesman is doing trying to sell me something that I have already got and then tell me that I am not a British Gas customer and is somehow I am the person that has to listen to someone elses rib story. A total stranger, not even someone I have invited round to pour their problems out to me.

Why has this happened?  I do believe I have just seen a 'what goes around comes around' in action.  I too have had a rib problem this week. I shouldn't have mentioned it, I should have kept my mouth shut.  I thought I had learnt this 'way' of mastery over my own life problems and issues and yet I too have been guilty of letting my mouth run away with me and dump my own minor ailment onto other people.

As a result, what have I attracted?  Someone who is happy to dump their problem and talk about, gesticulate over and generally air their personal, current grievance on a brilliant sunny day where the birds are singing and the newly mown grass is creating a more than pleasing ambience.

Another reminder from the Universe of a) how being the listener is more helpful than being the expander of all problems and b) how chatting about your ailments feels to a listener..unless it's life-threatening it is SUCH a waste of life.

Note to Self: new resolution :  not to mention out loud any harmful incidents, ailments or unpleasant activities that do not serve my higher self. (well, I can try anyway).

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