Sunday, 11 April 2010

Practising the law of attraction

This week I am re-newing my Law of Attraction awareness.  I am practising the Law of Attraction and deliberately being a conscious co-creator of my world.

The reason I use the word co-creator instead of the Abraham-Hicks creator version is because I am certain that God allows us freedom to roam within the constraints of power that has been allowed us.  We do not have power to create flowers and rustle up a rainbow at will, I am sure we do not have the power to do that... do we? maybe we do, but no-one has thought to do it yet.  I don't know.  I don't know a lot of things and I am happy to chat about what I don't know as much as what I do know.

I don't know if the Law of Attraction works.  I don't know anyone who has practised it and succeeded.. the only people you hear about 'doing' the LofA are people who are using it as a marketing tool to sell to other people.

Can the LofA principles really help someone in the grip of depression?  maybe they can.

The Law of Attraction is something that has been channelled - which used to be the domain of spiritual mediums who wanted to contact the dead and spiritually passed over.  Yet, this information has been brought through and given to us at this time because... what is it? is it because we are failing miserable at being happy humans? 

I love the idea of the Law of Attraction.  To me, the principles and ideas seem to really suggest a lifeline in a world of drear, drudge, poverty, hunger, general abuse of the human race. It offers a one-size fits all solution to the problems in everyones world.  It is fantastic.  I love it.  However...

the spiritual side of my life, that has allowed me access to a different dimension, an understanding, a knowing that there IS more to this life than what we see in front of us... there IS  a goal. There IS a point to being here. We DO learn from every experience and we ARE held accountable to understand what we have done in the end.  Where does the Lof Att fit into the picture that we have chosen to be here. We have chosen each person in our world, we have agreed to be married to x, divorced to y and employed by z. This is how detailed our pre-birth agreements have been.  So, we have agreed to play these roles out for other people. Well, if I am in a pre-agreed home, in a pre-agreed situation, living out a pre-agreed role at work, rest and play and then I jump up and suddenly declare that by the Law of Attraction I deserve something better... bring it TO ME... what will happen to the spiritual contracts that I have agreed to?  Will I be failing the people in my life?  By sailing off into the sunset will I be letting down the boss who was going to Ogre me? the neighbour who agreed to torment me so I could learn tolerance and forgiveness?  How am I to learn these things if I swan off into Law of Attraction sunset?

Well,  I don't know.  I understand both points of view and I have complete trust in the spiritual nature of matter and our reasons for having this life experience.  I cannot help but wonder (and hope) that we HAVE been given the Law of Attraction not as a get out clause because we are screwing it up, but as a reminder of who we are and to allow us to know how much power we do have access to and can summon up for our well being and progress.  Just as much spiritual growth is borne from wealth as poverty.  It is for this reason that I am all for the Law of Attraction and this is why I am practising it on purpose to see what comes my way.  I am determined not to preach, although this little blog is headed that way, and I am still just as happy to accept everyone else for who they are.  My non-judgemental attitude is in tact and I promise not to look at other people with pity at the mess they have attracted into their experience! The reason I would never do that, is because I know how hard life can be, even for people who know there is more to life than this AND there is a get - out clause available.
Lots of love to everyone who needs it

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